Barnes and Noble Acquires Fictionwise

I just learned that Barnes and Noble acquired online eBook retailer Fictionwise. The official press release is at:

I have to admit, I have somewhat mixed feelings about this news. On one hand, I think it’s great that Fictionwise now has additional resources to draw on to improve their website and make more books available. However, as a small press author and as a reader who enjoys small press books, I am a little concerned.

Let’s face it, Barnes and Noble is not the first place I think of when I consider shopping for books published by small or independent presses. However, Fictionwise has always been one of the best places to discover small press authors and indie titles. Among other things, Fictionwise has been great about featuring small press titles right alongside titles from bigger presses when presenting new releases. I’ve rarely seen Barnes and Noble do that.

That said, it occurs to me that there’s a real opportunity here for people like me who enjoy reading small press and indie books to show Barnes and Noble that they matter. Barnes and Noble will be watching sales at Fictionwise very closely now.

Realizing that times are tough, but also realizing that eBooks are relatively inexpensive — if you’re a fan of eBooks, I encourage you to visit and buy a small press book or two. If you like, you can browse by Publisher at Fictionwise. A few small presses with authors I like are Apex Publications, Asylett Press, Creative Guy Publishing, Dragon Moon Press, Lachesis Publishing, Parker Publishing, and Zumaya Publications.

I have four titles at Fictionwise as well that I hope you would consider as well.  One of them is The Solar Sea, which was recently on Fictionwise’s science fiction bestseller list.

Let’s show Barnes and Noble that small press books matter.


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