2009 Locus Poll

The 2009 Locus Poll has just gone live at:

All the items in the drop down menus are from their recommended reading list. However, I would be honored if anyone reading this would consider a couple of additional items.

For Best Magazine or Fanzine, please consider Tales of the Talisman:


You can learn more about Tales of the Talisman magazine at http://www.talesofthetalisman.com.  Several more magazines that people ought to know about are published by Sam’s Dot Publishing, including Aoife’s Kiss, The Martian Wave, Hungur, Scifaikuest and more.  Visit http://www.samsdotpublishing.com to learn more.

For Best Anthology, please consider Space Pirates:


The print edition of Space Pirates may be ordered at:

There is also a Kindle ebook edition available at: 

For Best Book Publisher, there are lots of good ones to consider, but two favorites are: LBF Books and Flying Pen Press.

For Best Artist, I strongly recommend either Laura Givens or Caroline O’Neal.

Don’t know any of these well enough to feel comfortable voting for them? Why not visit the links above and check them out? I know you’ll enjoy Tales of the Talisman, Space Pirates, any of the books from LBF or Sam’s Dot or any artwork from the ladies mentioned above.

Do you have something you think should be considered for the 2009 Locus Poll? Feel free to add a comment with a link. I’m always happy to learn about good books or magazines, especially items from smaller presses that might have escaped Locus’ notice when they put together their recommended reading list.


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