Taxes, Edits and a Wedding

Unfortunately I managed to miss my weekly update that would have been posted on April 18. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the events of the past two weeks and a look ahead at an upcoming book signing in Las Cruces.


I first met Gwynne Williams when she started babysitting for my daughter, Myranda. Since that time, Gwynne graduated from high school, went to New Mexico State University and ultimately started working with my wife Kumie at Better Life Pet Foods in Las Cruces. During that time, she met Daniel Cox and the two decided to get married. On Monday, April 13 Kumie and I were delighted to open our home to Gwynne and Daniel for a reception in Las Cruces before their wedding in Colorado. Because I was just returning home from Kitt Peak that night, I was somewhat late to the party, but was glad to spend time with them before the happy event.


The weeks leading up to April 15 are an especially busy time at our house. My wife is a bookkeeper, so she was in the throes of not only our personal taxes but helping her clients finish their taxes. I spent much of April 14 and 15 doing the cooking and spending time with the kids so she could get her work done.


I’ve been spending a lot of the last two weeks working on various editorial projects. I’ve already mentioned the work I’ve been doing on B.T. Robertson’s final Chronicles of the Planeswalkers novel. I turned in my edits to LBF’s Editor-in-Chief tonight. I look forward to seeing the novel in print. Meanwhile, over at Kitt Peak, I’ve been continuing revisions of the 4-meter operations manual. Though it’s not fun in the same say as editing a fantasy novel, I have been enjoying the work.

Tales of the Talisman Update

According to UPS tracking, the spring issue of Tales of the Talisman will be arriving from the printer this week. I have everything ready to pack them up and ship them out this coming week. I will also be forging ahead with edits of the stories that have been accepted for the summer and autumn issues.

Listen to Me at

I talk about networking in Episode 5 of the Podioracket Podcast at Drop by the site, listen in, and learn about some of the exciting things happening in the world of Podiobooks.

School Book Fair

My novel, The Solar Sea, will be available at Central Elementary School’s annual book fair in Las Cruces, New Mexico this week. I will be on hand to sign copies of the book during the school’s Family Night on Thursday, April 30 starting at 6pm.


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