Space Pirates Plunder Internet Radio

On Tuesday June 2 from 10am until noon Eastern time, tune your web browser to Internet Voices Radio for Crazy Tuesday! This Crazy Tuesday is all about SPACE PIRATES and regular host “Row-hard” Rowena Cherry will be joined by “Madman” Mark Terence Chapman, “Dastardly” David Lee Summers and Jacquie “jolly” Rogers to plunder the icy blackness of space. Hope you’ll join us!!

To get a preview of some of my thoughts on space piracy, you can see my guest post at Rowena Cherry’s Space Snark Blog.


9 comments on “Space Pirates Plunder Internet Radio

  1. Rick says:

    I’ve never used web radio yet, but I’ll have to try and tune into this one!

  2. Hope you do! Sounds like it’ll be a fun show. Rowena promises to start by making us air our dirty laundry.

  3. Due to technical difficulties, the show has been rescheduled. It’ll now stream on Tuesday, June 9 from 10am until noon Eastern. Hope you’ll be there!

  4. Rick says:

    Oh good – that will give me more time to figure out how to play it!

  5. Rick,
    Go to

    Another option is to look for Rowena Cherry in the Sponsors Box on the right margin, and click on that. Or you can click on Crazy Tuesday on the left hand play menu.

    Thanks for all your superb comments on my blog, I’ve also got David’s piece on the alien romances blog as of Sunday


  6. Thanks for the information, Rowena. I see that the show is indeed available at the site now. No need for those who want to listen to wait. That’s great!

  7. Rick says:

    I gave it a listen yesterday evening – great stuff! Thanks to everyone who participated, and also to Rowena for hosting David’s post on her blog.

    Is space barratry going viral? A commenter at Rocketpunk Manifesto mentioned it first, then I mentioned it, and now Rowena mentioned it on the show. Tomorrow’s space crime today!

  8. Thanks for listening and for the feedback, Rick!

    It’s amazing how fast things go viral on the internet. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see barratry soon in a major novel or movie!

  9. Rick says:

    I’ll be watching for it!

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