New interview, a reading, and more

This has been a busy and good week. To recap a bit, I was interviewed twice. You can find information about the space pirates internet radio interview in the post entitled Space Pirates Plunder Internet Radio. Read on to learn about the second interview. Also, I gave a reading for the folks at Internet Voices Radio. Again, keep reading to learn how you can listen. If that weren’t enough, it was wonderful to learn to that my latest novel The Solar Sea was selected as a Flamingnet Top Choice.

A New Interview

J.W. Coffey interviewed me for You can read the complete interview at: In this interview, I talk about the writing process, influences and things I like to read, and some of how The Solar Sea came about.

An Online Reading

If you would like to hear a sample of The Solar Sea drop by: Scroll down until you find June 5 David Lee Summers, The Solar Sea. You’ll also find a brand new book trailer for The Solar Sea.

Tales of the Talisman

I spent time this past week working on Tales of the Talisman. I edited the stories scheduled to appear in the fall issue of the magazine. We’re getting back on track as hoped. I’m afraid the summer issue will be late. Currently it looks like it’ll come out in August. However, the fall issue shouldn’t be so far behind schedule. I’m hoping it’ll be out in late September or early October. The winter issue should be out as scheduled in December.

Back at Kitt Peak

Today, I returned to Kitt Peak tonight for a work shift. I will spend three nights at the 4-meter and three nights at the WIYN 3.5-meter. Given how busy this past week has been, it almost feels like a chance to catch my breath! This shift I spend time assisting with infrared observations at both telescopes. As I write this, we’re observing a distant cluster of galaxies with the 4-meter.

Good Music

Myranda and Verity are out of school for the summer. This past week, they each participated in a choir camp held at Las Cruces High School. On Friday, before coming up to the observatory, I went to each of their performances. As always, it was great to see the kids performing and it was really impressive to see how well the kids did with only one week of rehearsal. The interviews were fun and I’m very pleased that The Solar Sea earned an award, but the thing I’m most proud of is how well the girls did at their respective performances.


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