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Back when LBF Books started using its current print vendor, a number of the books that came in arrived in rather poor shape. There were cover scratches and scuffs and the books just didn’t look as good as they should. Since then, the print vendor has improved considerably and the books are arriving in good shape. However, I recently uncovered a stack of scuffed up, homely books in my office. Inside, the books are completely readable, but because of the cover marring, I don’t feel right selling them. So, I’ve decided to give them away. I’ll even cover the postage if you live in the United States.

The Books

I have the following available – updates follow each listing in parentheses:

  • 4 copies of Vampires of the Scarlet Order (0 available as of 2:00pm, 13 April 2010)
  • 1 copy of The Pirates of Sufiro (0 available as of 2:30pm, 24 May 2010)
  • 6 copies of Children of the Old Stars (0 available as of 7am, 10 June 2010)
  • 1 copy of Heirs of the New Earth (0 available as of 11pm, 15 June 2010)

    You can learn more about each of the books by following the links in the list. Despite the fact that The Pirates of Sufiro, Children of the Old Stars, and Heirs of the New Earth are part of a series, they are designed so that you can read them as stand-alone books.

    How to get a book

    First off, you must accept that these are scuffed books and they are offered as-is. However, I’m giving them away absolutely free (unless you live outside the United States — more about that in a moment) I am also willing to sign the books. Because this is a free giveaway, I’m limiting the offer to one book per person. The books are given away first-come, first-served. Once they’re gone, I won’t have any more (unless I come across another stack somewhere).

    To get a book, navigate to my website and find the email link. Send me an email with your name, address, first and second choice of books (second choice in case I run out of a title before I get to your request), let me know if you want the book signed, and if so, to whom.

    If you live outside the United States, I will still send you a free book, but I ask that you pay for the postage. You must have a Paypal account. In addition to the information above, please let me know the email address to which your Paypal account is attached. I’ll send an invoice for the postage. Once funds are received, your book will go in the mail.

    I’ll do my best to keep the post updated as books are given away and post a comment once all are gone.

    Why free?

    Frankly, the economy has been in rather poor shape the last couple of years and I know not everyone can afford to buy new books. I want to give people a chance to discover my books without having to take food off the table. It’s also a way to give a little back to those friends and fans who have supported my work all these years. There are no strings attached. That said, if you get one of these books and you like it, please consider taking a few minutes to look it up at and write a review. These things help inspire publishers to keep buying my books!

    Drop me a comment or an email with any questions. Otherwise, I look forward to getting these books out to you!

  • 11 comments on “Book Giveaway

    1. Rodger Smith says:

      book give away…1st choice Vampires of the scarlet order…2nd choice.. Children of the old stars… 3rd choice Heirs of the new earth….[Address deleted for privacy]

    2. D. Bell says:

      Hey, David,
      I wouldn’t mind a copy of Heirs to the old Earth and, if no one else speaks up, Children of the old Stars, since it looks like a sequel. Did a sneak peak on Amazon.

      Thanks, Dana
      [Address removed for privacy]

      • Heirs of the New Earth is actually the third in the trilogy. Pirates of Sufiro is first followed by Children of the Old Stars. I’ll drop you an email and see which one you would like for the freebie.

    3. Because we’re now at the end of May and I still have five books left, I’ll ease the restriction on one book per person. If you’ve already received a book, feel free to request another. Priority will still go to people who haven’t requested books. Thanks and enjoy!

    4. Rodger Smith says:

      Hey David , If you still have any books left my 1st choice would be Children of the old stars..2nd choice Heirs of the new earth..Thanks ,let me know if you need my address

    5. Rodger Smith says:

      Hey David, I know Bev Sawnson would like one if you don,t have her address i could get it or you could ask her on Facebook…Thanks

    6. Just a quick note to say that all the books have been given away. Many thanks to all those who participated!

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