Completing the Enterprise Bridge

I’ve been a Star Trek fan for a long time. The original series was in first run when I was born and I started watching regularly when the show was in its first set of reruns in the early 70s. As a kid, I built the AMT model kits of the Enterprise and even the Enterprise’s bridge. Soon after Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out, Pocket Books released a punch out paper bridge that was very cool. I had two of them — one I made up as the bridge from the first movie and one I modified to look like the bridge from The Wrath of Khan. Sadly, all of those models have since been lost to the ravages of time.

When the new Star Trek movie came out in 2009, Playmates Toys started a new line of action figures. Along with their Galaxy line of 3.75″ action figures, they marketed a playset of the bridge. I saw photos of the bridge and was pleasantly surprised that it was a decent replica of the bridge as shown in the movie. This just seemed like too much fun — a good, sturdy model of the bridge and there are action figures that fit it. The only catch was, the bridge playset was not complete. You had to collect action figures to get all of the stations for the bridge.

I was somewhat hesitant to buy the bridge playset since it wasn’t complete. However, my wife ended up buying it for me, so I started collecting the figures so I could have the complete bridge. Now, Playmates had released only a few of the bridge pieces in their first wave of action figures. They had announced a second wave of action figures that would have more bridge pieces. I had just finished collecting all the pieces in the first wave of toys about the time the second wave was due to be released. The only problem was the second wave never came.

A couple months after the second wave was due out, I saw a post at that indicated that sales had not done as well as Playmates had expected and they weren’t releasing the second wave of toys. However, Playmates was looking into a way of releasing the rest of the bridge pieces for those of us who had started collecting. So, I waited.

A year after the new Star Trek movie came out, I had still seen no sign of an announcement from Playmates about how collectors could complete their bridge playsets. So, I wrote to Playmates to ask them about it. A Consumer Service Representative wrote the following to me: “I am sorry the line is not going to be coming out. None of the 2nd wave was ever produced or distributed. Playmates Toys has been trying to come up with several alternative ways to continue distributing our Star Trek brand of toys to our consumers. Unfortunately, we have been unable to come up with additional distribution options and have discontinued the Star Trek line.”

I still wanted to complete my bridge and I noticed that the Star Trek figures were on clearance for $2.25 apiece at my local Walmart. I pulled out the original playset and noticed that several of the consoles that had already been released were simply duplicates and mirror images of other consoles. I realized that I could mix and match pieces that had already been released and come up with a fairly complete bridge. So, I went off to Walmart, picked up a few duplicate action figures and put together my bridge. Here’s the result:

Here it is from the front:

Now, it’s not perfect. The four stations at the back of the bridge were supposed to be slightly different and bigger than the ones I used. Also, there were supposed to be two stations on either side of the captain’s chair and two more of the stand-up displays. However, I’m much happier with this than the partially completed bridge I had before.

If you’re like me and you had collected all the pieces you could collect in Playmates wave one and would like a more complete bridge, here’s what I bought to get the set where I have it: 3 Scotty figures with piece B11, 3 Pike figures with piece B2 and 1 Kirk figure with piece B9. Hope this helps a few frustrated collectors out there get a more complete set as well.

You might well wonder what became of the extra Scottys, Pikes and Kirk. As it turns out, my daughters were happy to give them a home. Turns out the Galaxy set of Star Trek figures are almost the same size as Polly Pocket.


35 comments on “Completing the Enterprise Bridge

  1. I remember those punch out Enterprise bridge sets! I never had one, but a friend did and I envied him. Of course he envied me for my fine collection of model soldiers. Ah, the avarice of youth!

    Last month a Star Trek actor died. Michael Pataki played Korax in The Trouble with Tribbles. He was the Klingon who mocked Scotty, saying the Enterprise should be hauled away as garbage, leading to one of the epic fights that made young boys like me love the series so much. I recently blogged about this veteran character actor.

  2. The only problem with the paper bridges was that they didn’t really hold up to the ravages of time well — and it’s hard to keep dust off of them!

    I just read your blog about Michael Pataki. Sorry to hear that he passed away. “The Trouble with Tribbles” has long been a favorite episode.

  3. No wonder the Klingons think us weak, grown men playing with children’s toys.

  4. hiya david sad to hear that ill give you some advice on what i saw on another page if you want to get the chekov and mccoy problem sorted only thing i can suggest is go n buy another set of spock (newer) cadet McCoy and Sulu and cadet chekov and switch there heads round and then you will all have them in the starfleet uniform i wonder if you get anymore people who want to try and complete there bridge maybe they might end up bringing it out if not why dont we ask them if they cant bring them out now is there any chance of bringing them ou during the next film

    • Thanks for the tip, Daniel. Cool idea about swapping the heads around. I may give that a try. I let Playmates know that I was disappointed that they weren’t coming out with the rest of the set and said I hoped they would reconsider. I’d certainly encourage anyone interested in getting a complete set to drop them an email. The more people they hear want to complete their sets, the more it seems like we might get something from them when the next movie comes out.

      • same here when i get my set ive emailed them about my ideas what they could do what they could do for people who need the remaining pieces do like what they could do is bring out like them factfile books about the movie and each one contains the pieces from wave 2 the pieces needed or just do like a bridge accessories

      • and ive also told them that its not fair on the paid customers who have brought there bridge sets and for them to stop all money gone to waist ridiculous

  5. and another idea if you want to finish the data panels off buy another bridge set

    • Another good idea — I’ll have to look and see if I can get a cheap set from eBay or some similar source.

      • ebay your best bet thats where im gettin my set from then gettin the transport room n figures from already got the enterprise here just need them but still ud think with all the trek fans out there they would have got sales in beyond a doubt its unusal for playmates not to get that in

      • By far it was one of the nicest bridge playsets I’ve seen produced. Whether you like the movie or not, it seems like a lot more collectors would have picked up the set just to have one that nice.

      • yup so what pieces will i need to make it a lil bit complete like how youve got yours

      • or i just realized it might be different over here

      • It was all marked on the action figures and I don’t have it all written down, but best I can remember is that you need the bridge playset plus Pike, Kirk, Sulu, Spock, Scotty, and Uhura in Starfleet uniforms and McCoy and Chekov in cadet uniforms. One or two of those may include a transporter piece instead of a bridge piece (that’s what I can’t remember). The bridge set comes with a Kirk, but I did have to buy a Kirk action figure to get the piece that comes with him. Once you’ve done that, you need to get the additional pieces mentioned in the post above — and, of course, this all presumes it’s the same in the UK as it is in the States.

        Good luck with your collecting!

      • spades1013 says:

        My local Big Lots has about a dozen bridge sets for $10 each.

      • Thanks for the tip. This is definitely the time to check the discount stores for remaindered items from the movie. Could get some good deals!

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  7. christopher Ramsey says:

    completing mine as we speak, thank you for all the help!

    • You’re welcome. Glad this was helpful!

      • christopher Ramsey says:

        I need help!! I cannot for the life of me attach the 2 helm control chairs to the helm control command center piece. am i missing something here?

      • It’s been a while since I put those on and once I put them on, I left them on. I seem to recall they took more pressure than you’d think and it helps to assemble them on a solid surface like a tabletop. No trick that I recall.

        Sorry I can’t be more help with this.

  8. christopher Ramsey says:

    i figured it out. I bought a second bridge, i really wanted the white framed screen towers. The chairs were defected and had different bottoms, no doubt they were mean to have bases like all the others and were placed in the wrong pile at the factory. taken care of.. thanks!

    • Glad to hear you figured it out! Yes, sounds like your first bridge had mixed up parts. I thought about getting a second bridge to get the rest of the white-framed screens. Maybe if I see one at a good clearance price. 🙂


  9. I LOVE STAR TREK!! Oh my! I don’t want to admit that to too many people in my genre of Paranormal Romance because a lot do not like sci-fi!!! I love it!!! I can’t tell you how I can sit for hours or even days when I am on a stay-cation or when I’m sick and watch the old series!!! I love astronomy and the possibilities of space travel. Now why can’t we have a vampire sci-fi series? HUMMMM???? Take care and THANK YOU for liking my blog! I really put a lot of work into like you do and it’s nice to be appreciated! Humbly and Sincerely, Emily

    • Thank you! Yes, I’m a big Star Trek fan as well. I think vampires and sci fi actually can go well together. One great example was a novel by Colin Wilson called THE SPACE VAMPIRES which inspired the movie LIFEFORCE. I’ve even taken my vampires into space. The first time is in the anthology SPACE HORRORS, which you can find on my Library page to the right. The second time is in a story called “Dark Matter” which will be appearing this autumn in HUNGUR Magazine published by Sam’s Dot Publishing. In fact, HUNGUR is very welcoming to stories that mix paranormal and sci fi. So we’re not alone! Take care and thanks so much for visiting my blog as well!

  10. This is a fantastic read! Thank you so much. A whole bunch of Star Trek figures have appeared on clearance here in the Philippines and I’m considering purchasing pieces for the set. A friend is selling me his bridge piece so all I’ll need are the additional parts.

    Are substitutions possible for the transporter room as well?

    • Delighted to have been of service. Good luck finishing your bridge set. Unfortunately, I never collected the transporter room set, so I don’t know what’s possible. My best advice, if you have all the pieces, is put them together, see what’s missing and see if any can be moved around to make the transporter more complete — kind of like experimenting with a puzzle. That’s basically the technique I used to figure out the bridge. All best!

      • I bit the bullet and acquired all the wave 1 pieces for the transporter. Turns out the only missing wave 2 piece is a second console. No need for that. LOL. But with all the wave one figures readily available in bulk here, your blog post has been fantastic help. 🙂

  11. That’s great Christophe. Glad I was able to help. That’s good to know about the transporter. Now I’ll have to go and see if I can find a transporter set at a good clearance price and see if I can assemble that. Have a great week!

  12. hello says:

    How do you find them!

    • Wish I could help you. This post is now three years old. The best advice I can offer is to check with collectors at science fiction conventions or perhaps on websites such as eBay. If anyone else reading this has suggestions, they’d be welcome. In the meantime, good luck hunting for the parts!

  13. Christopher Maddox says:

    Thank you. My son was just getting into this and when I searched for the other figures on eBay no luck. At least we have a answer

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