CopperCon 30 Schedule

I’m honored to be one of the author guests at CopperCon 30 in Phoenix, Arizona Labor Day weekend along with Stephen R. Donaldson, Weston Ochse, and Yvonne Navarro.

My schedule at the convention will be as follows:

  • Fri 8p-930p in the Breakfast Nook – Meet the Pros
  • Sat 1030a-noon in Court C – Kaffee Klatsch
  • Sat 130p-230p in the Breakfast Nook, I’ll be reading “The Pirates of Baja” coming soon in Science Fiction Trails magazine plus my Rhysling-nominated poem “A Tale of Three Worlds”. I’ll sneak in “Amazons and Predators” from Bad-Ass Faeries 3 if I have time.
  • Sat 3p-4p in the Dealer’s Room – Autograph Session
  • Sun 10a-1130a in Court B – Meet the Guests
  • Sun noon-130p in the Board Room – Infrared Astronomy: The Unseen Universe
  • Sun 3p-4p, in the Board Room – Sci-Fi and the Younger Generation. Emily Devenport will be on that panel with me.
  • Sun 4p-5p, in the Board Room – Astrophysics. Dr. Russet McMillan from Apache Point Observatory will be on that panel with me.
  • Sun 8p-9p, in the Board Room – Pirates in Literature. I’ll be the moderator and will share the stage with Captain Aries and Michael D’Ambrosio.
  • Mon 9a-10a, in Court A – Bite Me, Chew off My Face, But Love Me with Yvonne Navarro.

    Looking for a Labor Day getaway? Come over and join us for CopperCon. It’s going to be a great time. More information at CopperCon’s website:

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