Space Horrors

I’m just back from CopperCon in Phoenix where I was one of the author guests along with Stephen R. Donaldson, Weston Ochse, and Yvonne Navarro. I had an absolute blast. It was a delight meeting Tales of the Talisman alumna Marsheila Rockwell. I also had some great conversations with such folks as Rick Novy, Ernest and Emily Hogan, Eytan Kollin and more. On top of that, I had the opportunity to visit with friends from high school and before.

Unfortunately, I came home to a broken evaporative cooler. Luckily, it turned out the problem was simply a dead water pump. Now that I’ve replaced that and caught up most of my email, I’d like to take a moment and tell you a little about my next book that’s coming out. It’s an anthology of horror stories set in the depths of space called Full-Throttle Space Tales #4: Space Horrors.

Space Horrors

The book is scheduled for release on October 1, 2010. It’s currently available for pre-order at a special price of $9.95 at the publisher’s website. After September 23, the price goes up to the list price of $16.95. Check out the site and the table of contents at:

Back Cover Blurb:

What horrors lurk among the stars?

If you dare venture into space, you will find planets where the rain will dissolve the flesh from your skeleton in a matter of minutes. There are undead stellar corpses that warp the very fabric of reality. There are bursts of radiation that will cook you alive within the walls of your spaceship.

And those are just the terrors we expect to face when we leave Earth.

In this volume you’ll find seventeen tales guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine. You’ll meet cold and dispassionate aliens—some so large they’ll swallow your starship whole, others so small they’ll turn your blood to dust. The prospect of encountering undead creatures such as vampires and zombies on Earth is frightening enough. Imagine meeting them while trapped during an interstellar flight. You’ll join men and women as they dare to explore haunted spaceships. In the end, you may discover that the most frightening creatures we’ll encounter among the stars are humans themselves.

We invite you to peer into the darkest reaches of space with Ernest and Emily Hogan, Sarah A. Hoyt, Dayton Ward, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and a dozen more new and veteran writers.

Guest Blogs and Events:

A number of the authors who are in Space Horrors have agreed to write a little about their stories here at my web journal and tell something about how the stories came to be. I’ll be presenting those guest posts every Tuesday and Friday for the next few weeks. I hope you’ll find this preview of the anthology both enticing and insightful. Barring life emergencies, look for guest posts as follows:

  • Anna Paradox on September 10
  • Glynn Barrass on September 14
  • Simon Bleaken on September 17
  • CJ Henderson on September 21
  • Danielle Ackley-McPhail on September 24
  • I’ll write about my story on September 28
  • Dana Bell on October 1
  • Patrick Thomas on October 5
  • David B. Riley on October 8
  • Gene Mederos on October 12
  • Ernest and Emily Hogan on October 15
  • More may be announced as time goes on. In addition to the guest blogs, if you’re on Twitter, be sure to join us for a special Twitter Party on October 8. Publisher David Rozansky and I will be on hand to talk about the anthology and the topic of space horror.  Hope you join us for this special series of on-line events!


    One comment on “Space Horrors

    1. Brief update – I have a guest blog from Dayton Ward to add to the mix. I’ll sneak his post into his position in the Table of Contents – so look for it on October 6!

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