Space Horrors – Glynn Barrass

This is the second in a series of guest blogs I’m hosting for authors in the anthology Full-Throttle Space Tales #4: Space Horrors. Today, we focus on Glynn Barrass and his story “The Walking Man.” I first encountered Glynn Barrass when he began submitting stories to Tales of the Talisman magazine. He has a lot of talent and a good sense for horror. Without further ado, I’ll let him take it away.

Martian Prometheus

A behemoth, stalking across the Martian landscape on two mighty legs. Created by man, its nuts and bolts shake, spilling rust as it stomps with destructive intent.

When David Summers first contacted me about contributing to Space Horrors, a collection of gothic horror stories set in space, this image came to mind. That huge, hulking, walking man, steered by murderous desire, then became a prison for the only crewmember with his sanity still intact.

“Sir?” One of his captors taunts, “I have a report to hand that reads that after much torture and degradation, all crew members that you deemed friends or were on friendly terms with have been thrown into The Walker’s leg gears, alive.”

He has to escape. But escaping his cell means sneaking through the bowels of an automaton haunted by his mad former crewmates. Some of his foes lie dead. This doesn’t diminish their threat…

Trapped in a hellish nightmare, with the walking man crushing everything in its path, Commander Sidal must stop it from destroying the colony city of his birth.

Thus David’s idea bore fruition!

Having lived my life in rain-swept North East England, it was great fun vacationing on sunny, shade-haunted Mars. And I hope you enjoy the adventure I have wrought.

The month of Space Horrors’ publication also sees the release of my first translation into a foreign language. In France, my story ‘To Hell’ graces the pages of the Ténèbres 2010 annual.

I hope at least one reader reads these on October 31st, and is thoroughly spooked as a result!

– Glynn Barrass


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