Space Horrors – Danielle Ackley-McPhail

In today’s installment of our Space Horrors guest blog series, we meet Danielle Ackley-McPhail. You can find her work in my first anthology, Space Pirates and in Tales of the Talisman magazine. She is also one of the editors of the Bad-Ass Faeries anthology series. She bought my story “Amazons and Predators” for volume 3 of the series. You can learn more about the Bad-Ass Faeries at

I see that Space Horrors is now available at (click the link to order a copy for yourself). It’s also available at

Enough of me, let’s hear from Danielle…


Ashes to Ashes…Dust to Dust…

What is more horrific than what cannot be explained? What is worse than something that cannot be avoided? My story, “Last Man Standing,” is about combating a foe that has invaded without notice. Brutal, lethal, and totally unseen. The courage and depravity that is spawned from adversity coupled with the tenacity of humanity. Kate Donovan and her rockhounds join forces with medical and flight crew to save their collective asses, but when it comes down to it in the end their survival hinges on Jean-Paul Marot, a human brain encased in a titanium chassis.

When I was invited to this collection it was initially proposed under the title Space Vampires. That didn’t last long as the topic would have been a bit restrictive with likely a lot of parallel between the stories. With this in mind the editor and publisher wisely changed the title to the more encompassing title of Space Horrors.

My dilemma—such as it was—I had already come up with and presented my idea.
Fortunately for me…I have always and ever sought to be unconventional. So, while my tale involves human blood, there is no entity the reader would readily identify as ‘vampire’—though if the title hadn’t changed, my take on the subject would have been valid.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy “Last Man Standing” as much as I enjoyed writing it.

– Danielle Ackley-McPhail, writer ever in search of the twist

PS: Ironically enough, poor Jean-Paul was showcased in another vampire tale recently released in Padwolf Publishing’s New Blood. I played fast and loose with the theme there as well…kind of fun doing that, you know?


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