Space Horrors – Dana Bell

Today marks the official “street date” of Full-Throttle Space Tales #4: Space Horrors.  I’m still anxiously waiting to hold a copy of the book in my hands.  When exactly that will happen will depend on such things as exactly when the publisher placed the order, the whims of the shipping companies and my work schedule.  However, the book is available to order.  Get your own copy at, or direct from the publisher at  If you’re one of the folks who pre-ordered a copy, or you’re a contributor and you’ve received your copies, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

In the meantime, let’s celebrate the big day with a guest blog by Dana Bell.  She’s a good friend from science fiction conventions in Colorado.  It’s been my pleasure to watch her writing grow and improve since I’ve known her.  She has several stories and a novel appearing soon.  It’s definitely my pleasure to have published her in Tales of the Talisman and Space Horrors. Allow me to turn it over to Dana — or rather Dana’s friend.


Rerow. My name is Shadow or Blackie or whatever you humans choose to call me. I live with my person on a mining asteroid and I encounter one of the Chosen Ones of Bast and…well, you can read the story for yourself what happened to me.

The writer of my tale says she got the idea from two places or maybe it’s three. First off, she loves writing from a cat’s perspective. I’d say this makes her an advanced human. Second and third, she borrowed ideas from two of her unfinished novels. One was to be about cat… oops! Almost let out a secret!  The other was a science fiction murder mystery placed in the asteroid belt. She just combined the two ideas and look how well it worked!

She’s a relative newcomer on the pro scene. See, she got laid off and used the time to get her writing career going. She’s had several stories accepted for publication and is in anthologies such as All About Eve and Throw Down Your Dead. Oh, and let us not forget her novel Winter Awakening coming out next year from Wolfsinger Publications. Of course, it stars intelligent felines, plus wolves and spotted ghosts. What’s a spotted ghost? Well, read the book and find out.


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