Space Horrors – David B. Riley

Today, publisher David Rozansky and I are hosting a special all-day Twitter Party for the release of Space Horrors. There are special discounts for the book, interviews with some of the contributors, and more. If you’re on Twitter, follow along with hashtag #FTST

David Rozansky will also be interviewing me on Twitter as part of #scifichat from 2pm – 4pm Eastern Time.

Now, let’s turn our attention to another David — David B. Riley. Of all the contributors in Space Horrors, I’ve probably worked with David the longest. He was a contributor to the second issue of the first magazine I edited, Hadrosaur Tales. That issue was published in 1996 and it’s still available for sale at Clarkesworld Books. I have gone on to publish David’s stories in a number of Hadrosaur Tales and Tales of the Talisman issues. I’ve also edited two of his novels, The Two Devils and The Devil’s Due. Not only is David in Space Horrors, but he teamed up with Space Horrors cover artist Laura Givens to edit an anthology called Six-Guns Straight From Hell. The anthology features my story “A Specter in the Light” and is available at and wherever fine books are sold.

I can sum it all up by saying David B. Riley is a fine writer and editor and it has been my pleasure to work with him for the last fourteen years and I hope for many years to come. Let’s hear from David.


I have stories in three of the four Full-Throttle Space Tales books.

My story, “Salvage,” centers around my Sarah Meadows character. She was in Space Pirates, in the “Claims Adjustor” and returns for another adventure in Space Horrors with a story called “Salvage.”

In Sarah’s world, Mars is an independent republic with an uneasy relationship with Earth. Sarah works for the Gompers Insurance Company. Gompers isn’t your run-of-the-mill insurance company, as they write a lot of high risk policies and do a lot of business insuring the cargo of spaceships. That was the basis of Sarah’s adventure in “The Claims Adjustor.” It also is the basis of her activities in “Salvage.”

In “Salvage” we learn that Gompers insured the cargo of a ship that vanished in space a long time ago. A probe recently detected the ship derelict and adrift. Sarah decides to hire a few aliens to help her salvage the ship. The problem: The aliens are at war with Earth and the derelict ship she wants to salvage is adrift in Earth’s territory. Sarah and her crew soon discover that being in Earth’s space is the least of their problems.

– David B. Riley


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