Six-Guns Straight From Hell

I’ve devoted quite a bit of time here at the Web Journal talking about my latest anthology Full-Throttle Space Tales #4: Space Horrors. However, I also have a story out in another new anthology called Six-Guns Straight From Hell published by Science Fiction Trails Press.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find: Vampires robbing banks; a Werewolf Sheriff; Newfangled electric Zombies; Alchemists enslaving vampires; Ghosts posing for portraits. The west was never this wild. Saddle up for an adventure through a collection of horror and dark fantasy tales that will keep you turning the pages, though you might keep one eye peeled for any severed heads that might be rolling your way. Featuring stories by: Bill D. Allen , Sherri Dean, Matthew Baugh, Bill Craig, Lyn McConchie, John Howard, David Boop, David Lee Summers, Renee James, Don Hornbostel, Kit Volker, Sam Kepfield, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Lee Clark Zumpe, Carol Hightshoe, Joel Jenkins, Henrik Ramsager, Jennifer Campbell-Hicks and James Patrick Cobb.

My story in the collection is called “A Specter in the Light”. It’s set in the first year of my alma mater, New Mexico Tech. The school was founded as the New Mexico School of Mines. I tell the story of a mining engineer employed by the school who is developing Tesla Coils as a way to bring light into mines. However, it turns out there’s an unexpected consequence of generating electric fields down in the bowels of the Earth. The idea for the story had its genesis from my days as a physics student at New Mexico Tech. A friend of mine and I decided to build our own Tesla Coil. We really weren’t all that successful, but we did have great amounts of fun generating sparks and burning out power supplies. One professor who saw us experimenting with the coil said I was destined to be either a great empiricist or a mass murderer. Well, I’m not sure if I turned out to be either — unless you count the fictional characters I’ve killed off in stories! Still, it did get me thinking about how I might use a Tesla Coil in a story.

The book’s official release is this Sunday, October 17 at 3:00pm in Denver at the Broadway Book Mall. Co-Editors David B. Riley and Laura Givens will be joined at the release by fellow authors David Boop, Jennifer Campbell-Hicks and Carol Hightshoe. They will be signing at the Broadway Book Mall, 200 S. Broadway, Denver. The phone number is: 303-744-BOOK

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join them for the release party. However, I will be in Denver only a week after the release for MileHiCon. If you buy a book at the release party, I’ll be more than happy to sign it at MileHiCon! I’ll also have copies of the book for sale at TusCon in Tucson, Arizona the weekend of November 12-14.

If you aren’t in Denver or Tucson — or you just don’t want to wait, you can pick up the book right now at The book is also available in Kindle format.


2 comments on “Six-Guns Straight From Hell

  1. David B. Riley says:

    Six Guns Straight From Hell is also availble from Barnes& Noble,com [] and, for those who prefer using those retailers.

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