MileHiCon Schedule

Don’t Panic! I’m heading to Denver the weekend of October 22-24 for MileHiCon 42. The convention is being held at the Hyatt Regency – Tech Center and you can find out more information about the convention at

Here’s my schedule for the convention:

Friday, October 22

  • 6pm – Small Press & Ezines: Finding/Dealing with New Markets in Grand Mesa B/C
  • 8pm – I’ll be available to sign books at Autograph Alley
  • Saturday, October 23

  • 10am – Spaceship Building in Chasm Creek B
  • 2pm – Kitt Peak: 50 Years of Space Exploration in Grand Mesa A
  • 8pm – Space Horrors Reading in the Avistrum Academy on the 12th Floor of the Hotel
  • Sunday, October 24

  • 1pm – SF Poetry Slam in Mesa Verde A
  • Who Else Books in the dealer’s room will have a good selection of my books in stock at the convention. I’ve heard they’re ordering Space Horrors, Six-Guns Straight From Hell, and Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory — plus I know they have all of my novels in stock. Odd Child Underground stocks my Old Star trilogy and they’ll be in the dealer’s room as well.

    One of the great things about MileHiCon is that it gives me a chance to touch base with a lot of the folks I work with in publishing. Flying Pen Press publisher David Rozansky is in Denver as is Science Fiction Trails publisher David B. Riley. Tales of the Talisman’s Art Director, Laura Givens is also based in Denver. Of course, Laura is not only the magazine’s art director, she recently became one of my editors because of her work on Six-Guns Straight From Hell.

    The Space Horrors reading will feature Sarah A. Hoyt, Alastair Mayer, Dana Bell and Gene Mederos. There will also be a reading for Six-Guns Straight From Hell on Friday night at 10pm. I gathered I could only be scheduled for one of the readings and since I edited Space Horrors that’s the one I was scheduled for. However, I hope to drop in and support my fellow Six-Guns authors — David Boop, Laura Givens, Carol Hightshoe, Nicole Givens Kurtz, and David Riley will all be there.

    If you’re in Denver the weekend of October 22-24, I hope you’ll drop by MileHiCon and say hello.


    4 comments on “MileHiCon Schedule

    1. Nick Rose says:

      I like the new look David!

    2. tlrelf says:

      Nice look! Wish I could be at the Mile High Con. I lived in Boulder for 2 years, am a Naropa grad. . .

      If that spaceship building workshop has lift-off, where are you going? Mars? Alpha Centauri?

      • Well, it is a kid’s program and we only have an hour. Between the need for permission slips and the time, I’m guessing we won’t get much further than Mars. 😉

        Thanks for dropping by, Terrie!

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