Near Future and Recent Past

I’m just back in from MileHiCon in Denver, Colorado. I had a great time and was pleased to see how many people turned out for each of the panels and readings I was at.

It was particularly nice to see how many people came out for the readings from Space Horrors, especially given that we were scheduled opposite the masquerade. Also, it was gratifying to see the number of people who came to hear my presentation on Kitt Peak National Observatory’s 50th anniversary. I did want to take a moment and pass along a couple of book recommendations for people who either were there and would like more information, or wanted to make it but couldn’t because of time constraints. The first book is Realm of the Long Eyes: A Brief History of Kitt Peak National Observatory by James E. Kloeppel. This book gives good information about the early history of the observatory. The other book is A Visitor’s Guide to the Kitt Peak Observatories by Leslie Sage and Gail Aschenbrenner. This second book gives you a good look at the observatory as it is today. Clicking on the links will take you to the pages for the books. Just as a side note, Leslie Sage was a postdoc at New Mexico Tech when I was a grad student. He’s now a senior editor for Nature. So, he’s a science writer who really knows his stuff.

Turning my attention to the near future, I wanted to make sure people know that the upcoming anthology 2020 Visions is now available for pre-order here: In this anthology, sixteen authors, including yours truly, explore the world as it might be ten years from now. There’s a sneak peak at the cover art as well as more information about the book. Also, if you pre-order the book, M-Brane Publishing will throw in a free one-year subscription to the electronic version of M-Brane SF Magazine. The book’s release is scheduled for November 15.


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