TusCon Schedule

TusCon in Tucson, Arizona is fast approaching and, as always, I’m looking forward to it. The convention will be held November 12, 13 and 14 at the Hotel Tucson City Center. The guests of honor are Jim and Sharon Butcher. Fan guests of honor are Bjo and Jim Trimble. For more information about the convention visit TusCon’s website at http://www.tusconscificon.com/

I have a busy schedule of panels this year. Here’s where you can find me over the course of the convention:

Friday, November 12

  • 5:00pm in the St. Augustine room: All that glitters: Are vampires the new angels?
  • 6:00pm in the St. Augustine room: Urban fantasy vs. paranormal romance: Whose genre is it, anyway?
  • Saturday, November 13

  • 1:00pm in the St. Augustine room: Guerrilla Publishing: self promotion, serializing online, traditional vs. alternative paths
  • 5:00pm in the Silver room: When Victoria went bad: What is Steampunk?
  • 6:00pm in the Garden: I’ll be reading a selection from recently published stories.
  • Sunday, November 14

  • 10:00am in the St. Augustine room: E-books: Is traditional publishing in decline?
  • 2:00pm in the St. Augustine room: Surviving the next Zombie Apocalypse
  • When I’m not on a panel, it’s likely you’ll find me at the Hadrosaur Productions table in the dealer’s room. Also, there will be a meeting for Wild Wild West Con at 9am on Saturday. I definitely plan to be there.

    TusCon falls on my birthday this year (it often seems to!) As it turns out, I share a birthday with my fellow book dealer, Marty Massoglia. So, Marty and I along with our lovely wives will be hosting a party on Saturday night at TusCon.

    If you’re in Tucson the weekend of November 12, 13, and 14, I hope you’ll drop in and say “hi!”


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