Mocha Memoirs Press

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about a new ebook publisher that’s starting up. Mocha Memoirs Press is a venture of Nicole Givens Kurtz. I’ve known Nicole for a number of years and I’ve published her stories in Tales of the Talisman magazine. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out her Cybil Lewis science fiction detective series. The first book is Silenced and the second book is Cozened.

So here’s the scoop. Mocha Memoirs Press is seeking submissions for their official launch in January 2011 and for early spring 2011.

Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC is a new electronic publishing company that seeks to add new flavors to the realms of speculative fiction and romance. Their primary website will go live January 2011, but they’re actively seeking submissions to add to their catalog before the launch. They’re inviting authors to submit works of 8k words and higher for possible publication in the catalog.

Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC wants to see titles that include excellent writing, superior storytelling, and fantastic creativity. They want their readers to lose themselves in the worlds the authors have created, and to care about the characters populating those worlds. Moreover, they’d like to see ethnic diversity in stories as well.

They are currently looking for titles in the following genres: horror, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. They’re most excited about seeing stories in the subgenres of cyberpunk, steampunk, near-future sf, and space opera.

Mocha Memoirs Press will publish paranormal romance, science fiction romance, fantasy romance, and dark fantasy romance. They’d like to see submissions in those areas as well. Their interracial romance titles have been very successful, so feel free submit those also.

Please keep in mind that although a new company, Mocha Memoirs Press is by no means accepting every submission or submissions that are poorly edited, offensive, crude, or sloppy. Please only submit your absolute best work. As a publisher, they’ll make sure you get the best from them in return. They have over 12 years of electronic publishing experience; so please don’t submit low quality or unprofessional work.

To submit your work to Mocha Memoirs Press, submit a cover letter, completed novel and synopsis/marketing history to mochamemoirspress (at) Remove the spaces and use the @ symbol in place of (at).

Keep up to date with the press at:


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