Assorted Updates – 2/6/11

2011 is off to a busy and generally good start. I wanted to take a moment and present a few updates about projects and upcoming events.

Owl Dance

At MileHiCon in 2009, David Rozansky of Flying Pen Press mentioned that he was looking for Steampunk novels. I told him about an idea I had for a Wild West/Steampunk novel and he asked me to send the first three chapters and an outline. I promptly sent those in and he said he would like to see the novel once it was completed. I spent much of 2010 working on the novel I titled Owl Dance. I submitted it to Flying Pen Press just before Christmas. A few days ago, I received word of the novel’s acceptance for the new Steampunk & Co. imprint of Flying Pen Press. We’re now in the process of negotiating the contract. Hopefully, I’ll have more information soon.

Wild Wild West Con

I am honored to be a guest at the very first Wild Wild West Con in Tucson, Arizona. It will be held March 4-6, 2011 at Old Tucson Studios. This looks like a fun event. Literary guests include Cherie Priest, Nick Valentino, Theresa Meyers and more. Musical guests include Abney Park, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, The Dusky Busters, and Veronique Chevalier. As of this writing, I don’t have my schedule for the event, but I gather I will be reading, giving a presentation on Victorian-era astronomy, and likely much more. There’s a lot more going on at this event than I can do justice for here. Check out the event’s website at:

Bad-Ass Faeries 3 at Preditors and Editors

Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory, which includes my story “Amazons and Predators”, was a top-ten finalist for Best Anthology in the Preditors and Editors Reader’s poll. Congratulations to the editors and all my fellow authors!

Tales of the Talisman

As all of this has been going on, I’ve also been working on Tales of the Talisman magazine. The winter issue is running behind, but it has been printed and is on its way to me as of this writing. I hope to ship copies out to subscribers and contributors later this week. Also, we’re nearing the end of our winter reading period. We have some great short-listed stories and I still have more to read. At this point, I plan to close to submissions on February 15 and I hope to have final decisions for pending stories by March 15 (plus or minus a few days depending on my work schedule and how beat I am in the aftermath of Wild Wild West Con!)


2 comments on “Assorted Updates – 2/6/11

  1. Great to hear all that good news, David! Sounds like you’re going to be hopping this spring.

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