Magical Creatures Beware!

Be Wary and Beware…. There are tales that every parent knows and must pass on to their child… Tales of warning and terror…of those who break their vows and kill for no reason other than malice. Tales of saving the lovely princess from a prince that is much less than charming…and what it takes to bring her home, of rescuing babes from parents not fit to raise them, and the reason no supernatural can truly win a bargain with such vile creatures. These are Human Tales. Tales by: Ivan Ewert, Matthew McFarland, Seanan McGuire, Ari Marmell, Chuck Wendig, Sara M. Harvey, Spencer Ellsworth, Ryan Macklin, Jess Hartley, Shannon Page, Dylan Birtolo, Deborah Brannon, Alma Alexander, Renee Stern, David Lee Summers, James Sutter, Nathan Crowder.

My story in this collection was inspired by a little known fairy tale collected by the Grimm Brothers called “The Griffin.” In the original, a young farmer boy seeks the hand of the princess. He’s sent on a quest to pluck the tail feather of a griffin. The griffin’s wife helps the boy and he goes on to live happily ever after with the princess. But what about the griffin? What was the deal with the iron man that confronted the boy early in the story? Why does a griffin have a human wife? To answer these questions, I turned the story around and told it from the point of view of the griffin and his “wife”. Griffins should definitely beware of scheming humans and farmers on quests!

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