Cancer Fundraiser, Bad-Ass Ebook, and more

To say that May and June have been busy months would be something of an understatement. The most challenging part of the last two months has, without a doubt, been the fact that my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has gone through surgery and as of today, all the post-surgical limitations were lifted. Now, we’re just awaiting word on when she’ll start chemotherapy. The chemo won’t be pleasant, but it’s necessary to assure the cancer won’t come back. In the meantime, I wanted to pass along a few updates…

Kewl Sizzle Book Signing and Cancer Fundraiser

Sunday, July 10, I will join two other authors from Writers Unite to Fight Cancer at the Ina Bookmans in Tucson, Arizona for a Book Signing and Cancer Research fundraiser. The other authors are Gayle Martin, author of the Luke and Jenny series of historical novels and Donna Copen McKinnis, author of Thoughts From Japan.

I will talk about how my astronomy background influenced my young adult novel The Solar Sea. Ms. McKinnis will teach us about Japanese customs, education and even how to speak some Japanese words. Ms. Martin will speak about her novels.

We’ll all be happy to sign copies of our books. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit cancer research. The Ina Bookmans is located at 3733 W. Ina Road in Tucson. The event takes place from 11am to 2pm. Hope you’ll join us and add some kewl to your hot summer sizzle!

Bad-Ass Faeries Ebook

The Bad-Ass Faeries series is now available from several retailers in an assortment of ebook formats. My story “Amazons and Predators” is in the third volume of the series, Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory. This volume won the Epic Award for best ebook anthology of 2011. The ebook is available as follows (links take you directly to the book’s page at each of these sites):

Owl Dance Update

Two days ago, I received the last five chapters of Owl Dance marked up by my editor. He continues to make great suggestions. He has spotted great places to add detail and has been chiding me for being too wordy in other places. I’ll be working through those notes over the next couple of weeks. Once done, that will complete the first editorial pass of the book. The plan as discussed was that he would make at least one more pass before it moves on to typesetting. Even so, I believe we’re still on target for an autumn release.

Tales of the Talisman Update

As soon as I receive the illustrations for the summer issue of Tales of the Talisman, I plan to kick into high gear and finish the layout and get it off to the printer. In the meantime, I have finished editing the stories for the autumn issue and I’m gearing up for the summer reading period.

We will open to submissions on July 1. This reading period, I’m especially interested in seeing your science fiction and steampunk submissions.


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