One Enchanted Evening

A few weeks ago, my friend Ysella Ayn Fulton and I were brainstorming about reading events. We came up with the idea of a reading “show” that we could present to both traditional and non-traditional book venues. The idea was to present something a little different and more memorable than the kind of reading where an author stands in a corner of a bookstore and reads for a little while followed by a Q&A session.

Both of us are blessed with musically talented families. Even though Ysella’s novel Pomegranate is a contemporary, mainstream novel and my novel Owl Dance is a Wild West Steampunk Adventure, they both have scenes set in Southern New Mexico. Our idea was to have our children play some music, then one of us would read. There could be a musical interlude and then the other would read.

We approached Jackye Meinecke at Enchanted Gardens, a garden shop in Las Cruces with our idea. Jackye has hosted other readings and musical events at her shop and we thought she might be interested. She was and we scheduled our reading for September 17.

When the big day arrived, Ysella’s son and my daughter played as people arrived.

Ysella, Jackye, and I welcomed the audience.

I read from the chapter “Day of the Dead” in Owl Dance. That was followed by an intermission where Jackye provided snacks and Ysella and I visited with the audience. The kids played more music. The crowd was a small but supportive and enthusiastic.

Ysella read several short excerpts from Pomegranate.

At the end, Ysella and I again spent time chatting with the audience and signed some books. It was a good event and we hope to try this again at some other venues. I’ll share information about upcoming events here at the Web Journal. Hope you’ll join us!


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