Two New Anthologies from WolfSinger

Tonight, I learned that two anthologies, each containing one of my stories, have been released from WolfSinger Publications. They are WolfSongs – Volume 2 edited by M.H. Bonham and A Taste of Armageddon edited by Carol Hightshoe.

A little about WolfSongs – Volume 2: The wolf has long been a source of folklore and mystery. Sometimes reviled and feared. Sometimes revered and loved. The wolf’s fate has intertwined with our own. Follow the latest myths and legends of the wolf as written by Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror authors. Edited by M.H. Bonham, Science Fiction and Fantasy author and editor, you’ll discover that as the dusk fades in the night, you’ll hear the wolfsong calling you into stories of the imagination. Within the anthology’s pages, you’ll find stories by Diana Pharoah Francis, Irene Radford, Laura J. Underwood, Keith Gouveia, Carol Hightshoe and more.

WolfSongs – Volume 2 contains my story “The Clockwork Lobo.” Set in 1876, this is the story of Ramon Morales and Fatemeh Karimi when they arrive in Mesilla, New Mexico. With little money in their pockets, Ramon sees that there’s a bounty on wolf carcasses. Fatemeh doesn’t believe that killing the wolves is right. Ramon decides to go hunting anyway. The wolf he finds is unlike any he has ever encountered. Readers of this web journal may notice that the plot sounds a lot like a chapter from my novel Owl Dance. There’s a good reason for that. The chapter was originally written as a standalone story for this anthology. That noted, the story and the chapter aren’t identical. There are quite a few differences in the two versions of the tale.

A Taste of Armageddon explores the fact that advances in modern war techniques have led many to “cleaner” and “cleaner” weapons. Countries have created missiles that can pinpoint a room within a building – greatly reducing the risks to non-combatants in a war zone. In the Star Trek episode “A Taste of Armegeddon” Captain Kirk challenged that war had to be messy so that people had a reason to avoid it. In this collection 11 authors including J Alan Erwine, Frank Tavares, Dana Bell and many others look at ways that warfare will advance in the future. Whether you agree with war or not, these stories will cause you to pause and think about the ways in which war is waged.

My story in A Taste of Armageddon is called “War Zone”. In the story, pirate captain Ellison Firebrandt takes his star cruiser, the Legacy into a solar system where war has been waged for many decades. He hopes to find salvage that he can sell. Instead, he finds two remarkably peaceful worlds. He decides to investigate. All seems well until his shuttle — and the woman he loves — mysteriously vanish.

If you love short stories like I do, I hope you’ll check out these fine books.

WolfSongs – Volume 2 is available at Amazon:
In Trade Paperback:
For your Kindle:

A Taste of Armageddon is also available at Amazon:
In Trade Paperback:
For your Kindle:


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