The Clockwork Legion Rides Forth

Over the course of the novel Owl Dance, a group of people come together to solve a crisis. There’s Ramon Morales, former sheriff of Socorro with his sharp eye and fast draw. There’s Fatemeh Karimi, a healer who seems to have the uncanny ability to talk to owls. There’s the inventor, M.K. Maravilla, who uses his clockwork creations to understand the natural world. There’s the engineer turned pirate, Onofre Cisneros, and the bounty hunter, Larissa Crimson. I’ve come to think of these people collectively as the Clockwork Legion.

When I wrote Owl Dance, I envisioned it as a standalone novel. Even so, there are threads that could be followed for more stories in this world. To me, this isn’t sequel baiting, it’s just the way life is. Episodes in life don’t always come to a nice, neat close. Aspects have a way of coming back in new and different ways. It’s one of the things I really enjoy about life.

Although open to a sequel, I wasn’t really prepared for something that happened at MileHiCon in Denver. My friend Maggie Bonham, who owns Skywarrior Publishing, picked up a copy of Owl Dance. (OK, I led her over to the dealer’s table where they were selling it and practically begged her to buy a copy…) The next day, after reading a portion of the book, she came up to me and told me how good she thought it was. Moreover, she asked if I’d considered writing a series of books in this world. I told her it wasn’t out of the question.

Fast forward to the weekend before Halloween. A contract arrives in my email for three books in the Clockwork Legion series. After some emails and some time on the phone, it looks like we have ourselves a deal and a series of books featuring the Clockwork Legion will be forthcoming. I have a rough plan and will be outlining like mad in the coming weeks. That’ll be followed by a busy year of writing in 2012.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of time to read Owl Dance and learn about the Clockwork Legion for yourself. You can find a list of retailers on the book page of my website at Also, I’m giving away a copy of Owl Dance on Goodreads. The winner will be selected on November 15. You can enter to win at:

What’s more, while I was on the phone with Maggie, my wife handed me an envelope. Inside was a signed contract from Cemetery Dance magazine for my story “The Vrykolakas and the Cobbler’s Wife.” Last I’d spoken to Brian Freeman, the story was scheduled for issue 66 of the magazine. From the Cemetery Dance website, I see they’re just about to release issue 65, so it sounds promising that my story should be in the next issue out of the chute.


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