ConDor, Review, and Interview


In a little over a week, I’ll be heading over to San Diego, California for my first visit to the science fiction convention ConDor. It is being held from Friday, March 2 to Sunday, March 4 at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center. You can learn more about the convention at

My schedule at the convention is as follows:

Friday, March 2

  • 2pm, Garden Ballroom I, Panel: “Things that go bump in the Spaceship – Alien Horror.”
  • 9pm, Brittany Room, Panel: “Scared Hot – Sex and Horror.”

Saturday, March 3

  • 2pm, Clarendon Room, Presentation: “Hogwarts Astronomy.”
  • 5pm, Eaton Room, Group Reading with the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Sunday, March 4

  • 10am, Dealer’s Room, Autographing.
  • 1pm, Garden Ballroom I, Panel: “What makes a story Steampunk?”
  • 3pm, Garden Ballroom I, Panel: “Steampunk after the apocalypse.”


My novel Owl Dance received a nice mention this past Sunday in The Denver Post. Reviewer Fred Cleaver opens the review by saying, “Owl Dance is a fun steampunk Western packed with adventures. It roams over the West of the 1870s from cattle rustlers in New Mexico to pirates in California.” I’m not sure how long the Post keeps it’s content available on the web, but as of this writing, the complete review is available at:


The website Long and Short of It Reviews is probably best known for their romance coverage. However, they have recently started sites specializing in other genres. I’m honored to be interviewed at their new Science Fiction and Fantasy site. You can read the complete review here:


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