Happy Naw-Ruz

If you’ve read my novel Owl Dance, you’ll know that one of the protagonists, Fatemeh Karimi, is Bahá’í. This past week was Naw-Rúz, the Bahá’í new year, which is celebrated on March 21. I had the opportunity to celebrate Naw-Rúz with my Bahá’í friends in Las Cruces. We had a good dinner followed by a piñata for the kids.

I have to admit, as spring begins and the grass and trees are turning green again, it feels a bit more like the dawn of a new year than it did celebrating New Year’s at the beginning of winter. It was just about a year ago that my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. At this point, it appears that she’s won the war and we are now moving forward with life. As befits a new year, I have lots of news to share.

Gaslight Gathering

I am pleased to announce that I will be one of the guests at Gaslight Gathering in San Diego, California from May 11-13.

The guest of honor is Kaja Foglio, co-creator of the brilliant webcomic Girl Genius. You can learn more about the convention and register at: http://www.gaslightgathering.org/index.html

The Pirates of Sufiro skyrockets at Amazon

As mentioned a few days ago, my publisher has made the Kindle and Nook editions of the first book of my Old Star/New Earth trilogy free.

Since the announcement, The Pirates of Sufiro has climbed all the way up to number 2 in the Science Fiction Adventure category at Amazon’s Kindle Store. Thank you everyone who has downloaded the book. It’s not too late to download your own copy.

If you like that first book, don’t forget to check out the other two books in the Old Star/New Earth Trilogy. They’re Children of the Old Stars and Heirs of the New Earth. You can learn about them and find links to the ebook and paperback editions by visiting the books page at my website: http://www.davidleesummers.com/books.html

New review of Owl Dance and Sequel Progress

Trent Zelazny, the author of To Sleep Gently and Destination Unknown posted the following review of Owl Dance at Amazon.com: “Owl Dance is a great western-style steampunk science fiction tale. Summers knows science, and it shows in really fun ways in this one, keeping this wondrous. I really enjoy the writer’s style and you can tell he is having great fun writing–I hope as much fun as I had reading it. It reads fast, and I mean this is the very good way. If you like steampunk or westerns or just a having a really great time, give Owl Dance a read. I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

This week I’ve been forging ahead on the sequel to Owl Dance tentatively entitled Wolf Posse. The novel picks up where Owl Dance leaves off. As the novel opens, Professor Maravilla and Larissa Crimson stumble on a mystery, the Russians are advancing on California and Billy McCarty returns to Lincoln County, New Mexico only to find it nearly deserted. I’m having fun working on this one.

You can pick up a copy of Owl Dance at Amazon.com or BN.com.

Interview at Manic Readers

Manic Readers conducted a very comprehensive interview with me a few days ago. You can read the interview at: http://manicreaders.com/blog/index.php/2012/03/david-lee-summers-steampunk-scifi-paranormal-author-and-astronomer/

Vampires in Springtime

Just because the nights are growing shorter doesn’t mean you’re safe from vampires! I have a new vampire story called “The Vrykolakas and the Cobbler’s Wife” coming soon in Cemetery Dance Magazine.

You can order a copy right now at: http://www.cemeterydance.com/page/CDP/PROD/_cd066

What’s more, my second scarlet order novel, Dragon’s Fall, is due to be released soon. Keep up on all the news about my vampire books and stories at my vampire blog: http://dlsummers.wordpress.com and be sure to “like” the Scarlet Order Vampires at Facebook.

2 comments on “Happy Naw-Ruz

  1. when is it appropriate to say happy naw-ruz? (baha’i in US)
    on march 20th or march 21st?

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