Gaslight Gathering Schedule

From May 11-13, 2012, I’ll be one of the guests at Gaslight Gathering II: The Expedition in San Diego, California at the Town and Country Hotel. More information about the event is available at the website:

Here is my tentative schedule for the weekend:

Friday, May 11

2:pm-2:50pm – Chivalry and Courtesy in the Age of Steam – Is the art of polite conversation and good manners dead? Come discuss whether steampunk is appealing because we recreate a more genteel and courteous time. Scott Farrell, David Lee Summers. Brittany Room

5pm-5:50pm Role of the Empire: Influences on Steampunk From Outside the US & UK – From the Congo to the vast outback of Australia, steampunk stories can take us far from our familiar streets and western frontiers. Listen as some of our most esteemed authors discuss the transcontinental power of steampunk to cross borders and visit exotic destinations. Nancy Holder, Tim Powers, David Lee Summers, James Hay (M). Garden Salon One

7pm-8pm – Victorian Astronomy – The stars have always held a special fascination to us mere mortals who look up into the heavens. I’ll tell about some of the discoveries, inventions and mad scientists of the Victorian Age. If weather permits, we’ll view Mars after the presentation. David Lee Summers – Claredon Room

Saturday, May 12

1pm-2:15pm – Paranormal Steampunk – Sink your fangs into this amazing panel as our authors discuss the many supernatural species that have invaded the steampunk genre and why readers can’t get enough of them. Scott Farrell, Nancy Holder, Suzanne Lazaer, and David Lee Summers – Garden Salon Two

5pm-6pm – How to Write Steampunk – Get ready to start writing your own steampunk story with some helpful hints from some of our incredible authors on how to get inspired and get your steamy ideas down on paper. James Blaylock, Nancy Holder, Suzanne Lazaer, and David Lee Summers. Brittany Room

Sunday, May 13

11am – Autograph Table – Dealers Room

2pm-3pm – Victorian Magic Vs. Science – Magician Dino Staats again pairs up with scientist and author David Lee Summers to bring you the real story behind the Victorian views on science and magic. Dino Staats, David Lee Summers – Brittany Room

3pm-4pm – Steampunk without technology?? – Come be part of a lively discussion on whether steampunk can exist without gears, gadgets and steam powered machines. Let the science fact versus the science fantasy debate on what the steampunk genre requires begin here! James Hay, Stephen Potts, Tim Powers, David Lee Summers. Brittany Room.


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