Heirs of the New Earth

Heirs of the New Earth is the novel that concludes my Old Star/New Earth trilogy. The second novel of the series, Children of the Old Stars ended on a cliffhanger. The mysterious alien called the Cluster had been sighted over Earth and soon afterward, the Earth went silent. John Mark Ellis and Suki Firebrandt Ellis are sent off to find out what happened.

Arriving at Earth, they land and discover that the once overcrowded, polluted homeworld of humanity has become a paradise of sorts. The streets have been cleaned up. People are happy. Despite that, over half the population is dead or missing and the planet’s leaders don’t seem to care. As Ellis works to unravel the mystery, sudden gravitational shifts from the galaxy’s center indicate something even worse is in the offing.

My first inspiration for this novel came while working at Kitt Peak National Observatory in the mid-1990s. We were observing the center of our galaxy in the infrared and obtained one of the deepest images ever made of the galactic core. It made me wonder what was there. I knew the radiation was too intense for humans to travel there, but I wanted to find a way for humans to actually experience the center of the galaxy.

A question that has long plagued me, and many others, is how could the German people have ever allowed the Nazis to come to power? Heirs of the New Earth explores the psychology of people in denial about their friends and neighbors disappearing when society seems to get better. It’s an examination of the issue in admittedly broad strokes but I do it as a warning that a good society is never immune from corruption by evil forces.

When I started writing Heirs of the New Earth I decided not to work from an outline. I wrote it by the seat of my pants. The novel continued with the same characters from Children of the Old Stars and I managed to write myself into a corner. I set the novel aside for a time and finally realized that what I needed were some of the characters I first introduced in The Pirates of Sufiro to make a return. So, I brought back Edmund Swan along with pirate captain Ellison Firebrandt and his first mate Carter Roberts. Armed with an outline to provide a roadmap and characters to infuse the novel with new energy, I started again and completed the trilogy.

The Pirates of Sufiro is free to download in both Nook and Kindle formats:

Children of the Old Stars is available as follows:

Heirs of the New Earth is available as follows:

One comment on “Heirs of the New Earth

  1. CEE says:

    To quote you from William L. Shirer,
    “At the proper moment, in the midst of chaos, there appeared a handful of determined, ruthless men. Because others were timid, unconcerned or too filled with selfinterest, Hitler triumphed. This Is The Triumph Of The Will.” (emphasis mine)
    For further information, please refer to “The Hangman” by Maurice Ogden.

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