I’ve been juggling quite a few writing and editing projects lately. I don’t tend to spend a lot of time discussing projects that are in process for a few reasons. First of all, I tend to believe in the maxim that if you’re talking about writing, you’re not writing. Second, there is just a little tiny part of my brain that’s superstitious. I don’t like to jinx projects before they’ve sold. Finally, some projects are just at too early a stage to say anything meaningful about them.

One project that’s coming close to completion is my vampire novel Dragon’s Fall: Rise of the Scarlet Order. It’s my sixth novel written and sold, my seventh to be published. It’s being formatted and printed now and I’m just waiting for my publisher to tell me it’s available for sale.

Also, in vampire news, I just sold the short story “A Garden Resurrected” to Padwolf Publishing for their Apocalypse 13 anthology. You can keep up with all my vampire-related news at my other blog: http://dlsummers.wordpress.com

While waiting for the new book to be published, I’ve been wrapping up an editing project for Sky Warrior Publishing. I don’t edit a lot of books right now. My job at Kitt Peak National Observatory is such that it doesn’t allow much time to both edit and write, but this was a project too exciting to pass up. Sky Warrior is reissuing Soldiers by John Dalmas as an ebook. In the novel, humans have spread throughout the galaxy and finally found peace. Just at that moment, a swarm of warlike aliens from another galaxy invades. Structurally and thematically, the novel reminded me of my own The Pirates of Sufiro. I really enjoyed getting to know this novel by John Dalmas.

Working on this project has taken enough of my attention, I haven’t focused as much as I’d like on my Steampunk novel Wolf Posse. Despite that, when I was at Bubonicon this past summer, I was invited to submit a Steampunk novella for an ebook series called Empires of Steam & Rust. This has been the perfect scale project to work on while editing. I don’t want to say too much about the story I hope to submit for the reasons I said above. No matter what happens with my contribution, you should definitely check out the series at your favorite ebook retailer. The first volume is by Robert E. Vardeman and the second by Stephen D. Sullivan. Both were a lot of fun and I hope my contribution proves a worthy installment.

In the meantime, I’ve also been scribbling down notes on Wolf Posse plus a couple of short stories I have committed to writing.

With that, I better get back to work. Just a couple more days before I need to shift gears and return to the observatory where I’ll focus on driving telescopes, updating documentation and help explore the real universe.


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