Interview with Steve B. Howell

Anthony Cardno not only interviewed me on his blog, but he interviewed Steve B. Howell, NASA’s Kepler Project Scientist and my co-editor on the anthology A Kepler’s Dozen. You can read Anthony’s interview at Interview with Steve B. Howell and learn what a project scientist actually does, get some updates on the Kepler mission, and learn what it was like for a scientist to work on a science fiction anthology.

Yesterday, I finished the first complete draft of my novel Lightning Wolves. I’m the kind of writer who tends to edit as I go, so the first three-quarters are somewhat beyond the “rough draft” stage and I feel pretty good about them. Today, I’m working to catch up with a number of projects that have been on the back burner while I let the novel sit a little bit. Then I’ll give it another read through and turn it in to the publisher.

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