Owls, Wolves, and Classic Cars

Owl Dance Cover

A couple of months ago, I received word that the owners of Flying Pen Press decided to change the focus of their business from publishing fiction to providing marketing services to other publishers and selling those publishers’ books through specialized catalogs. This strikes me as a good move for David Rozansky at Flying Pen and one that’s in keeping with his talents and interests. I wish him the best in this new endeavor.

Of course, this decision does have some ramifications for me. One of those is that it means that Flying Pen Press’s edition of my wild west steampunk novel Owl Dance will be going out of print in a little over a week. If you want to get the first edition before it goes out of print, this is the time to do so! It’s available at: http://www.amazon.com/Owl-Dance-David-Lee-Summers/dp/0979588936/

Lightning Wolves

The good news is that Owl Dance won’t be out of print for long. The novel is being picked up by Sky Warrior Publishing. New copies will be unavailable for a short time while one of Sky Warrior’s editors gives it another pass, then you’ll see a brand new second edition. What’s more, that will be followed soon by the sequel, Lightning Wolves!

As you can see, Sky Warrior already has a preliminary cover design! In the meantime, the editor has sent me revision notes on the text and I’ll be working my way through those shortly. Lightning Wolves picks up right where Owl Dance left off. The Russian invasion of Denver has been thwarted. Ramon and Fatemeh are contemplating their life together while Professor Maravilla and Larissa Crimson try to figure out how to build a new generation of flying machines. Their quest for funding leads them into a chase for ghosts near a mining camp that will one day become Tombstone, Arizona.

Talisman 9-2

Despite making sure that Owl Dance and its sequels are settled into their new home, I haven’t forgotten about Tales of the Talisman. I plan to finish layout of volume 9, issue 2 this weekend. Although I didn’t plan to make a steampunk issue, this issue has a distinctly retro vibe and essentially stands as a third special steampunk issue. There are some great stories by C.J. Henderson, K.G. McAbee and Gary Every. I’ve received a fine set of illustrations by such folks as Tom Kelly, Kathy Ferrell and Teresa Tunaley. I’m looking forward to putting the final touches on this issue and getting it to the printer just after the first of the year. As soon as this issue is off to the printer, I’ll be finishing volume 9, issue 3, which should bring us back up to date.

For those who are interested in submitting stories or poetry to Tales of the Talisman, we do plan to open on schedule on January 1, 2014. Please don’t submit stories before that date and review the guidelines at: http://www.talesofthetalisman.com/gl.html. I look forward to seeing what you have for me!


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