Spring Fever

The last few days in Southern New Mexico, we’ve had blue skies, pleasantly warm temperatures, and little wind. It makes me want to spend time outdoors, but I do have a lot of work to do this spring. Two major projects did take a step forward a little over a week ago. I received the edits for the new edition of Owl Dance, which will be coming soon from Sky Warrior Publication. Those looked good, I approved them and sent them back. Also, I turned in a new draft of the sequel, Lightning Wolves. I’m waiting to hear back from the editor.

Much of this past week has been split between two projects. I’ve been working on my horror novel The Astronomer’s Crypt which is due at Lachesis Publishing in about a month. This one’s kind of a new type of project for me in that it’s set during the present day at a place very much like where I work. It’s not science fictional, nor is it set during an alternate past. The towns in the novel are either ones I live in or like ones I’ve lived in. The actual observatory of the novel is fictional, though inspired by real life places I’ve worked. Still, there are ghosts and monsters. They’re not real… I hope!

Tales of the Talisman 9-4

I’ve also been laying out the spring issue of Tales of the Talisman. The basic layout is now complete. Now I just need to proofread it, then make a few tweaks to make it look as nice as I possibly can, then send it to the printer. The nice part is, proofreading the issue does give me an excuse to spend sometime outside on these nice days enjoying the sunshine. Hope spring is bringing nice weather wherever you are and you’re getting to spend a little time outdoors as well!


2 comments on “Spring Fever

  1. Pagadan says:

    The Astronomer’s Crypt sounds intriguing.l Any cover artwork yet?

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