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This has been a busy travel week for me. I spent last weekend at Gaslight Gathering in San Diego where I had a great time connecting with quite a few friends and fellow steampunks. I returned home to New Mexico for about 48 hours, where I finished the rough draft of The Astronomer’s Crypt for Lachesis Publishing. Now I’m in Seattle for my college roommate’s wedding. My present to him and his lovely bride is a special short story I wrote for them. I won’t say more just now since it’ll spoil some of the surprise if either of them read this!

I also wrote a guest blog post for Lachesis Publishing, discussing sources of inspiration for my works. You can read that here:

I often travel by car because the places I travel to are not easily reached by air travel or because it’s simply more economical for me with my little fuel-efficient vehicle. However, this travel season, I have had to fly some. One of the things I like about flying is that it affords me the opportunity to do some reading. Some of the reading has been for my own pleasure—which is vitally important for a writer, since it provides inspiration and can help a writer get a better handle on technique—but with all the writing I’m doing, the air travel gives me the opportunity to step back, read, and revise my own writing. Of course, this is another vitally important part of the process.

At this point, my wild west steampunk novel Lightning Wolves is due with the publisher in a little over a week. That’s all but complete. After that, I’ll be reading and revising my horror novel. Even with all this going on, I haven’t forgotten about Tales of the Talisman. The spring issue has been printed and copies are on their way to me. I hope to ship those out in a few days. If you can’t wait until then, they’re now available at


5 comments on “Reading, Writing, Traveling

  1. wsmarble says:

    Besides having such a good time, is that a WICKER GOLF CART?! What a great creation!

  2. nrlymrtl says:

    I read that part about your fuel efficient car, and looked at the pic again. I had to chuckle, even though I know that isn’t the transportation device you were referencing.

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