Haunted Observatories

Although I am by nature a skeptic, I think stories and legends tell us a lot about ourselves. I’m curious whether any of my readers have heard about any haunted observatories or ghost stories connected with observatories. If so, please drop me a comment either here or in the original post. Thanks!

The Scarlet Order

This past week, my editor sent me her notes for my novel The Astronomer’s Crypt. She declares it scary stuff, but has several good ideas for improving the pacing, strengthening the characters, and tightening the plot. I’ll be working diligently on that over coming weeks and will look for some insights about the process to share.

One of the hallmarks of The Astronomer’s Crypt is that it features a haunted astronomical observatory. Haunted observatories are not an area heavily explored by fiction or even ghost lore. So it’s fair to ask where I got the idea. Part of the idea comes from two prominent men who are interred in or just outside the observatories they founded. One is Percival Lowell, whose mausoleum is right outside the 24-inch telescope on Mars Hill in Flagstaff, Arizona. Another is James Lick who funded the University of California’s Lick Observatory and is interred…

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2 comments on “Haunted Observatories

  1. sftrails says:

    Alas, though I have done scores of research on haunted hotels [and worked at two such places] I’ve never come across much info on observatories that’s very detailed. However, I heard rumors of shadow entities,[aka black ghosts] at Chabot Observatory in Oakland [CA]. I had a roommate many years ago who worked for Oakland Park Police and swore people were seeing entities around there, but I never had much in the way of details.

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