Brazen Shark Cover Reveal

It’s now official, I have a cover and a release date for the third novel in my Clockwork Legion steampunk series. The Brazen Shark is scheduled for release on February 1, 2016. Brazen Shark-300x450 In The Brazen Shark, pirate captain, inventor, and entrepreneur Onofre Cisneros sweeps his friends Fatemeh and Ramon Morales off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Once there, a British agent makes Cisneros an offer he can’t refuse and the captain must travel to Japan. Wanting to see more of the world, Ramon and Fatemeh ask to accompany the captain only to find themselves embroiled in a plot by samurai who steal a Russian airship, hoping to overthrow the Japanese emperor.

Not only can you get a look at the cover, but you can click here to read the novel’s entire first chapter. This is a bit of a departure from the first two books in the series in that it’s not set in the wild west. However, I assure you, Ramon Morales can’t travel overseas without taking his brand of wild west justice along with him even as he confronts such historical figures as Katsu Kaishū and Czar Alexander II. His new wife Fatemeh will encourage him to seek peaceful solutions, but her resolve will be strongly tested by the samurai Imagawa Masako.

If you haven’t read the other books in the Clockwork Legion series, this is a great time to start. The links below take you to the books’ pages on my website, which include links to most popular retailers.

Here’s wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season!

8 comments on “Brazen Shark Cover Reveal

  1. ericamilesx says:

    Reblogged this on authorericamilesblog.

  2. ericamilesx says:

    Congratulations, David! Can’t wait to read the Brazen Shark, along with Lightning Wolves! Please check out authorericamiles blog to see my review of Owl Dance there, as well as a new review I wrote for another science fiction writer, Jean Kilczer, author of The Loranth.

    • Thank you! And thanks for sharing your review of Owl Dance on the blog. I really appreciate it. Jean Kilczer’s The Loranth sounds interesting. I’ll be sure to add it to my to-read list.

  3. ericamilesx says:

    Beautiful cover, by the way, as was the intriguing cover for Owl Dance!

  4. karen j carlisle says:

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