A Weekend in the Wild West and an Interview

This past weekend, I attended Wild Wild West Con 9 held at Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, Arizona. This is my ninth time attending the event and I am the only author who has attended every single year the event has been held. It’s a great event and I saw many good friends from Arizona, California, Texas and beyond. As with most years, I ran a booth where I sold my books and was tempted by the wares of my neighboring vendors. In the photo, you see me sporting a new outfit I assembled at the convention. In addition to selling books, I spoke on several panels throughout the weekend on topics ranging from weird westerns to steampunk mysteries.

One of the more interesting panels this weekend was one entitled “Authors After Hours” which was held at the convention hotel on the first evening. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this panel, but we ended up delving into the deep dark secrets of the authors on the panel. As part of the panel, I discussed the genesis of my novel The Astronomer’s Crypt. As I told the audience, this was an easy novel in the sense that I knew the setting and the themes well, but it was a difficult novel to write because of peering into those dark corners of my mind. The challenge of writing the novel was so great that I really needed to write two novels after that, Owl Riders and Firebrandt’s Legacy, before I could feel ready to even consider starting the second novel in the Wilderness of the Dead series.

One popular event at Wild Wild West Con is tea dueling. This is an event where contestants dunk a cookie in a cup of tea and must be the last one to eat it cleanly before it crumbles into bits. Heaven forbid that the cookie should besmirch one’s beautiful outfit. As it turns out, my younger daughter, who has come to be called “The Cutosity” ended up being the grand champion tea dueler for the weekend. Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter who host the tea dueling made a big show of how much she’ll be missed as she gets ready to leave for college. In the photo below, you can see The Cutosity getting ready to face down tough competition from the West Texas town of El Paso.

Seeing the amazing costumes people make is perhaps one of the major attractions of steampunk. I was impressed by the Victorian-inspired fantasy costumes many of my friends sported at the event. Below is a gallery that features just a sampling of their amazing handiwork.

Over the weekend, friends who couldn’t attend the event asked if anyone took video of panels I was on or recorded audio. I’m sorry to say, I don’t know of any recordings. However, back at Thanksgiving, Ben Ragunton and Keith Lane came up to Kitt Peak National Observatory on a blustery winter day and interviewed me. Their interview, which went live yesterday, actually covers many of the topics we discussed on panels at Wild Wild West Con. I encourage you to listen to it. Even more, I encourage you to subscribe to their podcast and learn about even more of the fine authors and creators they interview. You can find your favorite platform to listen to their interview with me by visiting: https://www.tggeeks.com/blog/2020/03/09/tg-geeks-webcast-episode-264/

8 comments on “A Weekend in the Wild West and an Interview

  1. rozepotpourri says:

    Oh my gosh! Awesome amazing photos! I’m jealous that I couldn’t be there. 🙂 🙂 🙂 It lools like a good time was had by all!

  2. rozepotpourri says:

    P.D And is the first photo YOU dressed in your Steampunk best? 🙂 Looks like it was loads of fun. I’m going to go to the podcast link.

    • Not the first photo I’ve shared, but as I was looking back, I realized I haven’t shared as many as I could have. There’s an earlier one on the “About David” page. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the interview!

  3. Dee R Astell says:

    I’m sorry we didn’t get to do more than say hello to each other, but i’m happy we did get to see each other even if it was only in passing. The new duds are quite fetching. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Congrats to your daughter!

  4. Wanted to let you know that, on Shelia Hartney’s suggestion, I emailed you a few days ago, but I’ve been having problems with my emails ending up in people’s spam folder. I just CCed you the email thread, so you might want to check to see if it’s in your spam/junk folder. Thanks!

    • Sorry, Alden, I did not receive the email. I check my junk/spam folder at least once a day and I didn’t see it turn up. Please try sending again and check that you have the address correct: hadrosaur [at] zianet [dot] com

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