The Pirates of Sufiro are Back!

I’m excited to announce the publication of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition of my very first novel, The Pirates of Sufiro. For the last year and a half, I’ve been going through the novel and giving it a complete makeover. My one guideline was that I didn’t want to change any events that would impact the sequels. This way, if you happen to pick up a used copy of one of the sequels, you won’t feel completely lost.

The Pirates of Sufiro

The Pirates of Sufiro is the story of a planet and its people—of Ellison Firebrandt the pirate captain living in exile; of Espedie Raton, a man from the streets of Earth looking to make a fresh start for himself and his wife on a new world; of Peter Stone, the geologist who discovers a fortune and will do anything to keep it; and of the lawman, Edmund Ray Swan who travels to Sufiro seeking the quiet life but finds a dark secret. It is the story of privateers, farmers, miners, entrepreneurs, and soldiers—all caught up in dramatic events and violent conflicts that will shape the destiny of our galaxy.

Overall, the novel’s plot hasn’t changed significantly from earlier editions. I wanted the novel to tell the same story it always had. However, I have grown as a writer over the last twenty-five years and I knew I could tell the story more effectively. I hoped to make scenes come to life better and improve the tension and characterizations. What’s more, since the novel came out, I wrote a prequel called Firebrandt’s Legacy. This meant we knew more of Ellison Firebrandt’s crew and it didn’t seem right for them to simply disappear in this novel. We needed to know what happened to them and I folded that in. In the end, I estimate I added some 20,000 words to the novel.

As I neared the end of the process, author Jane Lindskold asked to take a look at the manuscript. She’s the author of the Firekeeper Saga and she’s written novels in the Honorverse with David Weber. She also used to be an English Professor. After she read the novel, we met and we had a valuable discussion about the novel which led to another draft. I really appreciate her insight and help.

She was also generous enough to write a blurb about the book. She wrote, “When I first ‘met’ Ellison Firebrandt in Firebrandt’s Legacy, the last thing I even imagined was a future where our hero and his devoted crew did not immerse themselves in swashbuckling space battles with clever intrigues played out against challenging opponents within the dark reaches of outer space. Firebrandt’s creator, author David Lee Summers, was far more ambitious in the future he envisioned for his hero.

“In The Pirates of Sufiro Firebrandt faces challenges that press even his courageous heart and clever mind to the limit, as well as testing the loyalty of those he loves and trusts most deeply. This dynamic generational saga provides enough twists and turns to satisfy the most devoted space opera fan.”

You can order The Pirates of Sufiro in print at:

You can order the ebook of The Pirates of Sufiro at:

And yes, if follow the Smashwords link, you will find the book is on sale for just $1.00. This is a great time to grab a copy!

8 comments on “The Pirates of Sufiro are Back!

  1. Good ol’ Jane Lindskold. You are on fire with creativity David, for what you give is worth more than gold.

  2. I was a bit confused at first–your first novel was part two? Then I saw you later wrote a prequel. Congrats on the rewrite!

    By the way, I love the intro to your author profile for the book on Smashwords: “David Lee Summers is an author, editor and astronomer living somewhere between the western and final frontiers.”

    • Yes, I realized there might be some confusion when I wrote a new “book 1” and moved the original to the number 2 position, but in my experience there’s far more confusion when people read “book 4” and discover it’s a prequel. What’s more, the confusion only really exists now when I talk about this book having some history. The hope is that new readers will simply discover the books in order.

      Delighted to hear that you like that author profile description. I’ve used that line in several of my bios and it seems to fit given that live in an area where Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett walked but also work at one of the premier astronomical facilities in the United States.

      • Numbering them like you did seems like the best choice to me.

        But for sequel confusion, there’s of course Star Wars. The first movie is episode IV, second is episode V, sixth movie is episode III, etc.

        It was really confusing when the seventh movie was actually episode VII.

      • Star Wars is definitely a classic example — especially for those of us from my generation. The numbers didn’t appear until Empire Strikes Back came out and it was called “Episode V.” After that, they went back and put Episode IV and the title “A New Hope” on the original movie.

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