Smashwords End of Year Sale

The annual Smashwords End of Year Sale is underway. Many of Hadrosaur’s titles are available at deep discounts and I’ll be highlighting them over the course of the sale here at the Web Journal. The coupon codes for these discounts are automatically applied at checkout. One of the things I love about Smashwords is that they provide ebooks in all popular formats and they’re DRM free, so you can download them to your favorite device or gift them to friends without worrying about what e-reader they prefer. If you are shopping for those last-minute gifts, just click “Give as a Gift” when you visit the Smashwords links!

Today, I’m highlighting Upstart Mystique by Don Braden and the Ethereal War duology by Greg Ballan.

Upstart Mystique

On its way to a distant colony world, the space vessel Marco P loses all power and an unknown force convinces the navigator that a distant, dead world is the vessel’s true destination. Commander Malcolm Carpenter orders the crew to abandon ship to protect them and to learn how to defeat whatever force has intercepted his ship. The crew discovers a small group of inhabitants, the only people on the planet who were not uploaded into a vast computer network—a computer network captivated by upstart humans and their imaginations. To free his crew and his navigator from the planetary network’s grip, Commander Carpenter must face a moral dilemma. Can he save his crew without condemning a planet’s inhabitants and their digital ancestors to death?

Get Upstart Mystique for 75% off the cover price at:

The Ethereal War duology features ex-CIA agent Erik Knight who has alien DNA which gives him superhuman powers. However, he doesn’t know the extent of those powers and that scares him. What’s more, in these two novels, Erik finds himself caught in the middle of the ultimate war, the war between heaven and hell!

Armageddon’s Son

In Armageddon’s Son, the forces of Light and Dark wage war on and above Earth as each side seeks human allies to advance either the destruction or salvation of an ignorant mankind. In one bold, desperate act, an agent of Chaos has stolen the most powerful and coveted holy relic from the very heart of Vatican City, The Ruby Crucifix of Christ. This powerful relic was carved from the very cross where the savior was nailed, and is stained with His blood. This holy relic is said to be the instrument to end Armageddon and herald a new age of Man.

Ex-CIA Agent Erik Knight is recruited to assist his mentor, Martin Denton, in discovering the identity of the mysterious thief and locate the stolen relic. The agents soon realize the clergy of Vatican City have secrets and political schemes surpassing even Washington DC’s politicians. In order to solve the mystery, the agents must break through the papal code of silence and accept that the world as they know it is mere illusion, hiding a brutal physical and spiritual war of ‘Good’ versus ‘Evil’. As Erik Knight digs deeper into the mysteries of faith, he realizes his own alien ancestry is linked to biblical prophecy. Is he the fabled ‘Armageddon’s Son’?

Armageddon’s Son is available for just $1.00 at:

Battle Lines

In Battle Lines, the hidden battle between good and evil approaches a boiling point. Each side accuses the other of violating rules set down by the Creator at the dawn of time. The theft of The Ruby Crucifix from Vatican City enrages the forces of light, while the unauthorized birth of Armageddon’s Son spurs the forces of darkness to take desperate, hostile action. As both sides prepare for war, a third party, the rogue arch demon Molec, escalates hostilities by issuing a forbidden soul bounty on light’s new prophet, who happens to be the son of the Hybrid, former CIA Agent Erik Knight. The Hybrid and his trusted ally, Martin Denton, must confront demons, angels, aliens, corrupt politicians and evasive clergymen each with their own agenda and hidden motives as they hunt down Molec in a desperate, final attempt to avoid a catastrophic, world-ending battle which would have repercussions across the galaxy and the multiverse.

Battle Lines is available for just $1.00 at

Finally, I’m excited to announce that Hadrosaur Productions will be taking over publication of Greg’s first two Hybrid novels, Hybrid and Hybrid: Forced Vengeance, in 2021. These tell the story of how Erik Knight learned about his powers and set up the events in the Ethereal War duology.

8 comments on “Smashwords End of Year Sale

  1. rozepotpourri says:

    Hi David. Are you still receiving mail at Hadrosaur Productions?
    Hadrosaur Productions
    PO Box 2194
    Mesilla Park, NM 88047-2194

    or at

    • I fixed your typo. No worries. 🙂

      I am receiving physical mail at the address you mention. I receive email for the company at — I have a different PayPal address, but I won’t share that here in a public comment.

      Are you having any problems getting messages through? I responded to your message a couple of days ago.

      • rozepotpourri says:

        Oh, I didn’t know you responded. I just looked in my spam folder and good thing I did. Actually, several other mail dumped into spam that go into my regular box. I’m glad I asked..I’m not sure how to do paypal for purchase but I’ll figure it out. 🙂 Thanks for fixing my typo. lol.

      • Good to hear you found the response. Do note that you can also send a check to the physical address. Also, if it would help, just email me and let me know how many books you’d like and I can send you a PayPal invoice. That should give instructions for how to pay if you’d prefer to buy that way.

      • rozepotpourri says:

        Sure. It would be quicker if I do PayPal. I want two to start off. Can I do it that way, then PayPal. If it tells me how, I would rather. 

      • Great. Could you send the request to my email along with your shipping address? I have that on file at my office, but I’m at the observatory this week and would help me expedite the order — probably better and more private to keep that to email rather than public comments in a blog post! 🙂

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the Smashwords sale! They carry some great books.

    Now if I could only figure out how to read 8 hours a day and still get all my work done (not to mention sleeping!)

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