DeadSteam II

I am excited this Halloween Eve to announce the publication of DeadSteam II edited by Bryce Raffle. My short story “The Sun Worshiper’s Ghost” is one of the thirteen stories included in this volume.

Just when you thought the nightmare was over, what was dead comes crawling back from the beyond. We warned you not to open that fateful tome. But you just couldn’t resist, could you?

Back with more chilling tales of the dark and supernatural, the anthology of dreadpunk, gaslamp, and dark steampunk returns to haunt you with mummies, witches, vampires, gorgons, ghosts. The second installment in the DeadSteam series from Grimmer & Grimmer Books, DeadSteam II promises an even darker, grimmer gothic than the first offering.

In addition to my story, DeadSteam II includes stories by DeadSteam alumni Karen J Carlisle, author of The Adventures of Viola Stewart, James Dorr, Bryce Raffle, Ross Smeltzer, C.C. Adams, E. Seneca, and Rob Francis, while also introducing newcomers to the DeadSteam series.

If you should sense someone lurking down by the river, some thing creeping through the forest, a sound from the attic, a strange pattern in the wallpaper that shouldn’t be there, a cold gust of wind on your neck…don’t look back. Just run. Run as far as you can.

But know this…we’re still here.

In my tale, a scientist named Augustus Harriman has reanimated a mummy with clockworks and engaged the services of a spiritualist named Dinella Stanton to invite the spirit of Prince Neferamum to inhabit his body once again. The original experiment went wrong, but the prince’s spirit lurks nearby and he longs to return to the world of the living. He also wants nothing to do with a clockwork monstrosity. Can Augustus and Dinella stop the prince from starting a new reign on Earth?

This story is a sequel to my story “The Sun Worshiper” which appeared in After Punk edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Greg Schauer. “The Sun Worshiper’s Ghost” is written so it stands alone, but you’ll pick up additional details if you read the earlier story and After Punk is a great read.

The original DeadSteam anthology is also a great read. My story there is “A Specter in the Light” and imagines mining engineers experimenting with a Tesla Coil in a cave near Socorro, New Mexico. The engineers uncover something very ancient and very frightening in the caves. The story is set in the universe of my Scarlet Order vampire novels and is inspired by real events around the early days of the New Mexico School of Mines.

All of these books would make great, spooky Halloween reads. Learn more at the links below:

8 comments on “DeadSteam II

  1. Thanks for the info.

    I sometimes wonder how far back the idea of reanimating the dead goes. Lazzaro Spallanzani studied it scientifically back in the 1700s.

    Then there’s the thousands-year-old story of one whose birth was heralded by a star in the heavens, who was betrayed by one close to him, whose murdered body would be hidden away but would soon return to life to judge the dead. I’m speaking, of course, of Osiris (worshiped as far back as the 25th century BC if not earlier).

    • I suspect the idea of people coming back from the dead goes back to ancient times and your Osiris story is a great example. Certainly it’s well documented that when loved ones pass, dreams and even “visions” of that person coming back are fairly common among those close to the person, so something about the idea seems ingrained in the human psyche. I imagine it’s been explored in some form or another since the beginning of fiction.

  2. Miley Spears says:

    This is weird. I just saw a live interview with Phil and Kaja Foglio like the day you wrote this! They created Girl Genius and Kaja is the one who made the term Gaslamp fantasy. Their main character Agatha Clay first appeared the year I was born!

  3. Your story sounds interesting!

  4. carmalynn says:

    Sounds like a creepy (in a good way) collections. And great covers!

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