El Paso Comic Con 2022

This weekend, April 22-24, I will be a participant and a vendor at El Paso Comic Con. This year, El Paso Comic Con is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Featured guests at the convention include William Shatner, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, and anime voice actors Mike McFarland, Monica Rial, and Austin Tindle. Comic book artists Renee Witterstaetter, Michael Golden and Sam de la Rosa will also be on hand. The convention will be held at the El Paso Convention Center in downtown El Paso, Texas. You can get all the details at https://www.elpasocomiccon.com

I will be exhibiting the books I’ve written, edited, or have stories in at booth A15 in the exhibitor hall. Author Tamsin Silver will be joining me at my booth. I have two new books I was proud to edit and publish since last fall’s El Paso Comic Con. One is The Way-Out Wild West by Lyn McConchie. The other is Hybrid: Forced Vengeance by Greg Ballan. I also have the new editions of my first three Clockwork Legion novels Owl Dance, Lightning Wolves, and The Brazen Shark. Of course, since this is a comic con, I will have plenty of copies of my comic Guinevere and the Stranger on hand. I’m always happy to sign books you buy from me.

Tamsin and I will also be presenting some panels discussing our writing experiences at the convention. It’s possible we’ll add some other attending authors to our panel lineup as well. Here’s our schedule:

Saturday, April 23

1:00-1:45pm in the El Paso Panel Room. Researching Your Fiction. Fiction is making stuff up, but it still involves knowledge of the tools the characters use, the settings they visit, and the types of people they’ll meet in those settings. Tamsin and I will discuss how to do the research that makes your fiction feel realistic to readers.

3:00-3:45pm in the El Paso Panel Room. Getting to Know the Characters in Your Head. Tamsin and I will discuss how to breathe life into characters you’re writing no matter how far from your own experience they may be.

Sunday, April 24

4:00-4:45pm in the El Paso Panel Room. From Weird Westerns to Space Opera. Tamsin and I talk about their experience writing westerns, horror, science fiction and fantasy and how they’re the same and different.

5 comments on “El Paso Comic Con 2022

  1. That’s quite a guest line-up–it must be pretty cool to be a part of that!

    “Researching Your Fiction”: I suspect many beginning authors don’t realize how important this is. Writing fiction and making it work can, in some cases, take more research than writing factual material! (I just submitted an about 300-word flash fiction piece that took me more research than writing a typical 700-word news article!)

    “Getting to Know the Characters in Your Head”: I’ve seen this problem even in professional fiction, where some characters just don’t seem believable. So this presentation sounds very useful to me.

    “From Weird Westerns to Space Opera”: There’s a general principle I’ve noticed; if you want to break the rules, you first need to understand them. Mixing/blending elements from different genres can work very well–if you really understand what you’re doing!

    So those presentations all sound very helpful. I hope it all goes great!

    • Thank you! Glad you like the topics. I hope we get some good attendance and can spark some good discussion. It occurs to me I just used all these principals in a short story I composed last week! More about that in Saturday’s blog post.

  2. Joanne VanR says:

    If only my Tardis wasn’t in the shop. Your conversation topics are a great selection, have fun. I hope many attend.

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