The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm is an exciting fantasy novel I edited in 2006, when Hadrosaur Productions served as an imprint for LBF Books.

It has been nine hundred years since the Jyniae were besieged by the Human and Aanian armies, forced into the rugged northlands and imprisoned there. Alyxandr Jeffries and Jhonia are both half-human. Jhonia is part Jyniae, and because of that he is able to touch the Source, able to use the magic of his people. Alyx is part Rydi and with his Rydi blood comes the grace and skill that are attributed to that race.

Alyx and Jhonia soon discover their worst fears have come to pass, the Jyniae plan to seize the lands and cities that once belonged to them. War is on the horizon. As Alyx and Jhonia begin a journey that will take them from the Nomadic Rydi tribes of the Southlands to the far Northern reaches of Jhonia’s forsaken Jyniaen homeland, their loyalty and trust will be tested.

Disturbing choices must be made to prevent a war of the races, to save the world from this cataclysmic event. Amid friends, there is now deceit and betrayal and the outcome of the world isn’t so clear.

M.H. Bonham, author of Prophecy of Swords and Runstone of Teiwas says, “The Calm Before the Storm is an engrossing fantasy with a unique voice and memorable characters. A sure winner!”

If you’re in the mood for a quest fantasy like Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien or The Sword of Shannara series by Terry Brooks, I believe you’ll enjoy Joe Lawson’s The Calm Before the Storm. I have two copies of the original edition left in my stock on sale for half off the cover price. They’re available at: