Wild Wild West Con 3

Only one week to go before Wild Wild West Con 3, which is held at Old Tucson Studios, outside of Tucson, Arizona. This is a great steampunk convention held at the location where many classic films and TV series were filmed, including the two Wild Wild West TV movies from the 1970s.

David and Myranda

This year, Wild Wild West Con features concerts by Steam Powered Giraffe, The Nathaniel Johnstone Band, The Cog is Dead, and Professor Elemental. Dyno Staats will be performing his magic and there will be lots of panels and workshops. You can get all the info at: wwwc3c.oom

My schedule is as follows:

Friday, March 7

    1pm at the Sheriff’s Office – Mars: A Land Across the Aether – A look at Victorian astronomers Percival Lowell and Nathaniel Green who did important work understanding Mars in the nineteenth century. Percival Lowell was the son of rich industrialists who owned an observatory in Arizona. In addition to being an astronomer, Nathaniel Green was a landscape painter and Queen Victoria’s tutor. Who had the most accurate vision of Mars?

Saturday, March 8

    2pm at the Courtroom – Sparky and McTrowell’s Hot Potato School of Writing. Two teams will engage in a madcap writing event taking turns “writing” a story. It will be both instructional and fun, and has an emphasis on audience participation. Inspector Erasmus L. Drake and Dr. Sparky L. McTrowell have asked me to join them for this thrilling writing challenge. You should join us as well. It will be fun, or as Dyno Staats says, “Something could go horribly wrong!”

    4pm at High Chaparral – Steampunk Authors – Steampunk and history writers Muffy Morrigan, David Grasse, and David Lee Summers gather to discuss the challenges of researching, writing, and creating. What works. What doesn’t work. Are there new challenges to getting your work published? How do you keep your steampunk writing fresh and topical? How do you find the topic for your next book?

Sunday, March 9

    2pm at High Chaparral – Steampunk Magic and Science – Magician Dyno Staats and Astronomer David Lee Summers look at the worlds of Victorian era magic and science and explore the ways they advanced together.

When I’m not at these awesome events, you’ll find me over at the Stage-II Vendor Area where I’ll have an assortment of my Steampunk and Wild West books available. Come by say “Howdy!”