TusCon 40

My last convention of the year will be TusCon in Tucson, Arizona, which runs from November 8-10 at the Hotel CityCenter. You can get all the details about the convention at tusconscificon.com. Not only will I be a participant at the convention, I’ll be there as a dealer working the Hadrosaur Productions table. Look for us by our nifty new banner!

Hadrosaur Banner

Here’s my schedule for the convention:

Friday, November 8:

  • 9pm – Panel Room 1 – What is this TusCon you speak of? Not sure how you fit in to a little convention you never heard of before? This is the place to learn about your 400 new best friends. On the panel with me are Fred Kurtzweg and Carol De Priest.
  • 11pm – Panel Room 2 – Vampires and Lightning Wolves. Join me for a reading from my recent and upcoming novels.

Saturday, November 9:

  • 11am – Panel Room 2 – Speed Date an Editor. This is your opportunity to pitch me a story for Tales of the Talisman Magazine. I’ll work with you and give you suggestions so you can send me something I won’t be able to resist when we open to submissions in January.
  • 1pm – Panel Room 1 – Fahrenheit 451. If the world were on that path what book would you memorize to save for the ages? On the panel with me are Gloria McMillan, Liz Danforth, and Weston Ochse.
  • 4pm – Ballroom – Mass Autographing. Bring something that has mass and I’ll autograph it! (Of course, we will have plenty such things at the Hadrosaur Productions Table that I’ll be happy to sign.)
  • 9pm – Panel Room 1 – A tale of two ghettos: Is Romance more or less stigmatizing than Science Fiction? Why do the Sharks and the Jets hate each other and who is Maria? On the panel with me are Jordan Summers, Juliet Blackwell, Jennifer Roberson, and Michelle Gates.

Sunday, November 10:

  • 9am – Ballroom – Asimov, Bradbury, & Heinlein. What will be their historical legacy, how is historical legacy determined and why does it matter? On the panel with me are Gloria McMillan, Juliet Blackwell, Eric Schumacher, and Wolf Forrest
  • Noon – Ballroom – How to rewrite right. Not just editing, but knowing which rough edges to polish off and which are integral. And the most important step – when to stop. On the panel with me are Sharon Skinner, Dr. Jennifer Grier, Thomas Watson, and Rick Cook

If you’re in Tucson the weekend of November 8-10, I hope to see you at TusCon!

2 comments on “TusCon 40

  1. Sounds like you’re in for a great time.

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