Taurin Tales


The anthology Taurin Tales is scheduled for release on October 15. Edited by J Alan Erwine, Taurin Tales is a shared world anthology featuring many authors I’ve enjoyed working with over the years including Ian Brazee-Cannon, Tyree Campbell, Anna Paradox, Laura Givens, and Rick Novy. The Taurins were created by science fiction writer, editor, and game designer J Alan Erwine. Once he had created them, he invited some of his favorite writers to play in the universe, and further flesh out these new aliens. Thus Taurin Tales was born.

The stories in this collection cover a large aspect of Taurin life … grand space adventures, small character studies, the tackling of difficult social issues, the past and the future of the Taurins.

My story in the anthology was inspired by something J said in the guidelines for the anthology. He said, Taurins have five eyes. They have two on the front of their heads that give them stereoscopic vision. They also have one eye on each side of their head, and one on the back of their head. Their front eyes are able to see into the near-infrared, but their other eyes are completely color blind, and they can only see about 100 yards before things become to blurry for them.

In my work at Kitt Peak, we frequently work in both the visible and the near-infrared. I decided to tell the story of a threat to a Taurin space station that was only visible in the near-infrared, meaning the Taurins could see it with some of their eyes, but not the other. Also, given the way atmosphere can scatter infrared light, this might be a danger not visible from the ground, only to those Taurins in space.

Here’s the complete table of contents for the anthology:

  • Hiding in Plain Sight by David Lee Summers
  • Something Alien by D. Moonfire
  • A Peaceful Evening by Ian Brazee-Cannon
  • Fade to Green by Tyree Campbell
  • Blindspot by Anna Paradox
  • Surf’s Up by Laura Givens
  • Sorting Through the Rubble by Ian Brazee-Cannon
  • Across the White by Rick Novy
  • The Iphis Crisis by Tyree Campbell

The print version of Taurin Tales is now available for pre-order, and if you order before the release date, you can get it for $1 off the cover price: http://nomadicdeliriumpress.com/blog/product/taurin-tales/.

The e-book version of Taurin Tales is available for pre-order in a number of formats from Smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/472428. You don’t even need an e-reader to read it … you can read it right on your computer screen.

2 comments on “Taurin Tales

  1. Sounds pretty cool, and your knowledge as an astronomer gave you a fascinating slant on it.

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